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Natural ways to ease anxiety

In today’s fast-paced lives, feeling a certain amount of anxiety isn’t abnormal. In fact, feeling anxious about some factors may not be a very bad thing, as it may help you stay alert and even help a person be prepared and more structured about the way of functioning.

However, when anxiety becomes a routine feature that seems to recur often, stay for longer and even debilitates you, it is time to become more aware of it. Timely acknowledgement and addressing the issue is surely safer than unchecked anxiety that might eventually need more serious interventions.

Medically anxiety can be managed using various approaches like ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ or using medications like antidepressants, sedatives etc. One can start easing anxiety by some simple lifestyle changes like improving sleep, diet and getting some exercise.

You can also try some natural ways to ease anxiety.

Teas and Supplements

Consumption of various natural teas and supplements has been traditionally as well as scientifically known to be beneficial in bringing a calming and soothing effect. Including natural teas and supplements can be a good first step towards easing anxiety. There are various healthy and delectable options available that one can try out.

Lavender Tea

Merely the aroma of lavender tea brings about a relaxing, calming effect. It is known to give relief from anxious and depressive feelings in adults. Lavender reactivates the nervous system and also relaxes nerves that set in motion natural healing in the body.

Chamomile Tea

This tea being totally free of caffeine goes a long way in calming a person into a restful sleep. Its soothing effect comes in handy when you feel overwhelmed and need to unwind. Whether you need a good night’s sleep or need something to calm you down, Chamomile tea is a winner, hands down!


Kava or Kahwa, a traditionally prepared tea essentially in the Northern part of India is effectively used to ease symptoms of anxiety. This herbal remedy helps to coax the body into a restful sleep and brings about a calming effect on the body. It has been proven to naturally ease anxiety and help the body relax.


Ashwagandha is an all-natural and effective remedy to ease symptoms of anxiety. Having a natural calming effect, this remedy is a better option as compared to medications. Studies have proven that ashwagandha significantly helps to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. This remedy also has several other health benefits like an increase in muscle strength and stamina, fertility and sexual function improvement etc.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a member of the mint family. It is a natural herb that is considered to have positive effects on anxiety. The use of lemon balm dates back to the Middle Ages and aids the body to feel peaceful and composed. The use of lemon balm has many other benefits, namely; improved sleep, pain management, better appetite as well as improved digestion.


In recent times, anxiety and stress have been on a rise. For this, a holistic approach towards symptom management has become the latest trend. Aromatherapy has gained significant attention because of its success in easing anxiety management. Of course, it gives you a ‘spa-like feeling and makes you feel like a million bucks, but its calming and relaxing effects go a long way in anxiety management. Aromatherapy mainly involves the usage of essential oils in various forms like in a diffuser, in baths etc. Some essential oils have significant benefits like sage, lavender etc.

Sage essential oil

Sage essential oil has a natural woody herbal odour that naturally soothes the senses. The usage of sage has been proven to notably reduce Cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone also known as the stress hormone. This is responsible for increasing the chances of stress and anxiety attacks. One can use the essential oil in diluted form to massage the skin.

Lavender essential oil

This is easily one of the most known essential oils. Known for its calming effect, lavender also helps to promote sleep and relax feelings of anxiety or stress that often disturb one’s sleep. It naturally soothes the nervous system and also relaxes overwhelming emotions. Simply inhaling lavender oils has been proven to bring peace and tranquillity and significantly ease anxiety symptoms.

Meditation, breathing and yoga

Meditation is in fact one of the initial facets of ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ in the management of stress and anxiety. Meditation mainly involves being calm and fully aware of the present moment and viewing thoughts without any judgment. This feeling of being calm and non-judgmental helps one feel contended and tolerant of emotions without excessive reactions. It has been scientifically proven to ease anxiety symptoms naturally.

Breathing exercises are yet another natural way to manage anxiety. When you take short shallow breaths it affects the nervous system and causes a sensation of panic and anxiety. Conversely taking regular deep breaths helps in calming the mind as well as the body. The effects are almost instant, and hence practising regular breathing exercises like ‘pranayama’ greatly helps in easing anxiety.

Practising Yoga has been medically proven to relieve stress and anxiety. The various forms of yoga insist on regular deep breathing which calms the body. It also deeply relaxes the body, enhances your mood and provides a sense of well-being. These sensations release the ‘feel good’ hormone in the body that in turn reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Practising Yoga not only helps you feel mentally fit but also has vast benefits in the physical aspect as well. Improves fitness, better digestion, better sleep as well as relief from chronic conditions are some of the other benefits.

Lifestyle Changes

Though consumption of junk food might give temporary satisfaction, eating large quantities of highly processed foods, fried food, and meals high in salts and preservatives can damage you not just physically but also mentally.

It makes a person more prone to feeling depressed and anxious. Along with heavy consumption of alcohol and caffeine and smoking can be disastrous for one’s mental health, though one may initially feel relaxed with it.

Taking conscious steps to improve one’s lifestyle by reducing junk food, and limiting caffeine and alcohol intake can play a major role in anxiety management. Having a diet that is rich in proteins and a fibre-rich diet can help the body feel active and refreshed.

Simple steps that are natural can play a huge role in easing anxiety symptoms and keeping negative emotions at bay.

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