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Get Set Makeup: Movie Date  

Date nights are fun, but what’s even more fun is getting ready for it. Whether it is going to the cinema with your significant other or a movie date with your girl gang, a date always holds many thrills and lots of excitement.

We’re sure your days leading up to your happy picture-perfect days will be packed with trying new clothes and makeup to impress your crush. Right? Right!

Well, while clothes are fairly easier to decide, makeup needs a strategy. You need to go beyond the simple touch-up and smile and opt for something that will grab attention. And no, you do not need any skill for it, just a little inspired boost will work its magic.

Before you begin this magical transformation, one wise word is to look as natural as possible. What we are trying to achieve is to enhance your God-given beauty not make you look like some celebrity.

You are going on a movie date but remember you are the heroine of your film. So lovely lady, turn up your natural glam with our superhit products that will make your date go ‘Wow!’

Skin prep is a must

Just like you’ll be prepping yourself with lovey-dovey dialogues to charm your date, your skin needs prepping too. By prepping, we mean a clean base to begin your makeup on. Use a gentle facewash to clean impurities and grime. Make sure you use a facewash best suited for your skin.

Check out our range of facewashes

BB Tip: You must not wash your face too often. Overwashing will dry out your skin.

Conceal like a pro

Reveal your secrets to your handsome date but conceal those imperfections on your skin. For that, concealer is a must. It tactfully covers those dark spots, scars, open pores or under-eye circles, so you can put your best face forward.

BB date pick – Insight Cosmetics 2X Cover Master Concealer

This master concealer works 2X times to give you full coverage and an ultra-natural finish. Lightweight and efficient, it covers imperfections, minimizes fine lines and gives your skin an even tone and a radiance.

BB Tip: Use your fingers to blend the concealer as the heat from your skin will melt it easily.

Blush it up

Sure, love may bring that beautiful blush to your cheeks, but it’s time to amp it up with a sweep of blush. So girl, blush like you have never blushed before. Blush not only adds a nice, rosy colour to your cheeks but also gives you a beautiful radiance.

BB date pick – Insight Cosmetics 2X Cover Master Concealer

This master concealer works 2X times to give you full coverage and an ultra-natural finish. Lightweight and efficient, it covers imperfections, minimizes fine lines and gives your skin an even tone and a radiance.

But if you are one of those who doesn’t know how to use a blush, then let the Maybelline Blush do the trick. It is a lightweight powder blush that blends into your skin making it look as natural as ever to give you The ultimate radiance.

Hang on, there’s more. A platter of amazing colours, because why choose one when you can have it all, right? Go check out Makeup Revolution Reloaded Red Alert. A new hot-hued palette that boasts 15 incredible vibrant and shimmering hues of coral, pink and peach. This versatile pan of pigments features shimmer, matte and satin finishes in copper, amber, yellow gold, and white also. And yes, this product is cruelty-free.

BB Tip: When you apply blush, smile. When you smile, your cheeks are full and high, making the application of blush easier.

Flatter your eyes

While you dreamily flutter your eyes looking at your crush, make sure they lose themselves in yours. Sweep your lashes with a generous dose of mascara for those utterly irresistible, swoony-worthy lashes. So girl, say aye to those eyes.

BB date pick – CHAMBOR Volumeyes Mascara (Black)

Emphasize your eyes and let them do the talking. This high-definition mascara promises stunning, beautiful eyes. It comes with a wand brush and a tapered top that helps to coat the lashes evenly. Go on, dramatize your eyes.

BB Tip: If you want your lashes to look thicker, dust a light layer of powder on your lashes before applying mascara.

Lip love

Bring on your favourite pout or pucker up for a goodnight kiss, make sure those lips are as ready as ever. Hydrate and moisturize them with a good lip gloss. A lip gloss not keeps your lips supple but also adds shimmer and shine to them.

BB date pick – Renee See Me Shine Lip Gloss

If you are going au naturel then grab a lip gloss that will work for you, choose this. Enriched with the wonderful formula of Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter And Vitamin E, this gloss works like magic and keeps your lips moisturized and nourished. It is non-sticky, has an easy glide on the lips and is fuss-free. So go on, you’re your dreamiest best with this translucent sheen-giving gloss.

Nail the look

Good nails make for a good impression. So colour them pretty. Make sure your nails look neat and tidy. Well-maintained nails only add to your overall persona.

BB date pick – MyGlamm POPxo Makeup Collection (Mini Nail Kit)

Pick up this wonderful set of five chip-resistant, pastel nail polish toppers with bases that will give your nails a salon-like look all within the comfort of your home. It is long-lasting, glossy and oh-so-fab.

BB Tip: Three thin coats are enough to give your nails the finesse and the finish. Layering it on will make it thick and gloopy.

Glam it up, slay with style and look your absolute best. And like every superhit movie, we’re certain your love story too will have a happy ending. Look good, feel good and flaunt your confidence.

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