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A how-to guide for applying perfume

Wearing perfume is the last leg of your getting ready. Last but not the least, this intoxicating part of spritzing on a fragrance is more than just spray. The vanity of wearing a fragrance is rooted in the mundane chemistry and technique where long-lasting becomes ever-lasting. Simply put, it is an art, nevertheless. Therefore, whether you are applying perfume or just decorating to adorn your dresser you need to know the crucial points of application even if you have top-quality perfume.

So, do you want to be a perfume pro? Let’s begin!

Apply directly to the skin

For the scent to break down aptly and pervade through, apply it on the skin. The sebum on our skin makes for the perfect channel for the perfume to bind itself, while the warmth of our skin unravels the scent. That is why layering perfume over a cream or oil works. And that’s exactly why some fragrances smell different on different people. The best time to apply a fragrance is post-shower. Fragrance lasts longest when your skin is well-moisturized so spritz the perfume right after your shower and smell good all day.

Spray on your pulse points

Knowing exactly where to spray perfume is important. Pulse points like the inside of your wrists, inner elbows, belly button, the back of your knees and ear lobes are warmer spots that help to naturally diffuse a scent.

Never rub the perfume

Remember, always dab the perfume on your skin but never rub it. Rubbing perfume can cause the top notes to fade. That’s because the rubbing action causes friction and generates heat which can change the fragrance.

Spray and walk

Immersing yourself in and out through a mist of scent keeps the fragrance pleasant. When you wear perfume, it must compliment you and accentuate your natural scent. Dab the perfume on your pulse points and then ‘Spray and walk through’. This will leave your clothes smelling pleasant without the overkill.

Use it post a shower

The best time to wear perfume is right after your shower. That’s because after the shower, the pores are open and the body is still warm. So rather than waiting till you dash out of the door spritz your scent as soon as you are out of your bath.

Layer up

Moisturizing before applying perfume could be a wise move. If you have dry skin, your perfume could evaporate quickly. But if you apply a layer of non-perfume or mildly scented body lotion, or petroleum jelly, the perfume will latch on to these oils and last longer.

Spray it on your clothes

Applying perfume to your clothes is a great way to keep your scent last all day. Just ensure that the perfume will not stain your dress. What happens is that fragrance immerses with the fabric fibres to give you a light veil of scent, a sillage, wherever you go. You can spray on the inner lining of your dress too.

Store your perfume correctly

Where you store your perfume is important. For many of us, perfumes are a vanity statement and hence want to store them more as adornment than to wear them. However, avoid keeping perfumes in the bathroom as humidity and heat can reduce the shelf life of your favourite perfume. Avoid direct sunlight too. The safest place is, as always, a cool, dark, dry place or in the box it came in.

Now that you know the tricks and tips to make the most of your perfume, here are our top picks.

Jaguar Classic Black Eau De Toilette 100 ml Jaguar Classic Black

Nothing caresses your vanity so much as Jaguar Classic Black. With oriental-Fougere fragrances, it is expressive with an intoxicating mix of masculine fragrance and crispy freshness. Infused with fruity top notes of Mandarin Orange, Green Apple and Bitter Orange, the middle notes are spicy scents of Cardamom, Black Tea, Nutmeg and Geranium while the base note is woody with essences of Sandalwood and Cedar, Vetiver and Musk.

Guess Guess Seductive Eau de Toilette 125ml 125ml Guess Guess Seductive

An enticing fragrance that evokes the magnetic combination of femininity and seductive confidence, this oriental floral perfume has intense notes of Jasmine, African Orange Flower and Orris Root with base notes of Vanilla, Olibanum and Cashmere Wood in this captivating edition.


VILLAIN Eau De Parfum - Desire, India's First Pheromone Infused Fragrance, For Men 100 ml Villain EAU De Parfum

A pheromone-infused perfume and the first of its kind. The power and a unique concoction of spicy, coconutty, woody, and other unique notes this is just what you need to attract the crowd and amp up your sex appeal.


Beardo Whisky Smoke Eau De Parfum - Strong & Long Lasting, For Men 50 ml Beardo Whisky Smoke

A brilliantly boozy concoction of an intense aroma and masculine fragrance, this one is sure to raise your bar. It’s long-lasting, sophisticated and smells like success.

Engage L'Amante Intensity Eau De Parfum - Perfume For Women 100 ml Intensity EAU De Parfum

Created especially for women, this is a heady blend of oceanic, woody and floral themes with captivating tones of Violet and Frangipani and the whiff of White Driftwood that transports you directly to the pristine beaches of the South Pacific.

Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume For Women - EDP 100 ml Titan Celeste

A fragrance that encapsulates the liveliness of a spring garden, this powerful blend of flowers, with the fruity note infused with Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli and White Musk is absolutely mesmerizing to wear. It reflects a playful mood and charming mischief and is a very modern and feminine fragrance from the floral family. You can store it for 4 years.

We hope our recommendations make your journey with perfumes even more memorable. Because we truly believe, that looking good is as important as smelling good.

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