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4 proven ingredients for healthy hair

As you begin to wonder how to keep your hair healthy and strong, many suggestions will come your way. Of course, there is no lack of ingredients, oils and shampoos that will give you the tresses that you desire. Yet through the clutter, there are 4 superpower ingredients that you must keep close to have healthy tresses.

Just like your skin, your hair too needs TLC. So when you are drawing up a Care-For-Hair plan, there are natural ingredients that get the top billing. Genetics does play a huge role in the type of hair you have but it is up to us to get the hair texture and shine we want.

Aah, the bounce, with argan oil

Argan Oil, an extract, from the Argan tree, has a slew of benefits earning the moniker liquid gold. Though called ‘oil’, this concentrate comes not just in lubricant form but also as shampoo. This concentrate of the argan tree is ideal for all hair types. Regular use keeps hair shiny and healthy.

A native to Morocco, it is antioxidant-rich in EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) and Vitamin E which takes it to the top on the billboards of nourishing properties.

This amazing extract works like magic to moisturize and protect hair, especially damaged strands. It increases elasticity hence reducing the chances of breakages and split ends. This prevents hair loss and gives you fuller tresses. Overall, Argan Oil betters scalp health and also stimulates hair growth.

Bonus: Additionally, if you frequent beauty salons for hair treatments, it would be a wise idea to apply a light coat of Argan Oil to your tresses before using styling tools. This awesome oil can withstand high temperatures hence it works like your armour against the heat of the dryer or styling implements.

Oh la la, onion oil

Found in all Indian kitchens, this wonderful vegetable not only enhances the flavour of a dish but enhances hair health too.

Onion is rich in sulphur, an essential compound which is called a ‘beauty mineral’ as it is essential for the growth of hair follicles. Sulphur is in every part of our body abundantly found in hair, skin and nails.

Rich in antioxidants, onion improves and helps maintain a healthy scalp. It prevents breakage and thinning of hair by making every strand of your hair stronger.

Apart from preventing premature greying, the Vitamin C, B6 and minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium in this incredible vegetable also nourish the scalp. Its stimulating effect not just nourishes hair it promotes growth too by boosting blood circulation.

As we know onion regulates body temperature, it also bolsters immunity. Popular for its healing properties, onion is known to soothe inflammation, tackle bacteria and cleanse the scalp.

Onion juice is full of protective compounds that protect your scalp from bacteria and fungus infections. Now you can wave ‘bye-bye to dandruff. Massaging onion juice to your scalp will benefit you greatly as it encourages blood circulation. Onion is just perfect for mane and scalp health.

Afterglow with aloe vera

When it comes to natural ingredients essential for hair plant-based Aloe Vera leads. Consistently at the top of the charts, Aloe Vera as gel or any form comes with scores of healing properties to make your hair stronger, shinier, and healthier. It merits a mention in Ayurveda medicine aloe vera contains several nutrients ideal for hair care and works wonders on stubborn hair issues like dandruff and hair loss.

Aloe Vera comprises many active ingredients and minerals that strengthen your hair. The aloe gel contains enzymes that reduce extra sebum on your scalp keeping oily hair, itchy scalp and dandruff at bay. Its protective barrier takes care of your scalp and prevents sun damage.

Aloe Vera promotes thicker and healthier hair and works to boost growth by stimulating hair, improving scalp health and promoting more healthy hair follicles. When you apply Aloe Vera it coats the hair follicles to preserve the natural oils in the scalp.

For those in a tug-of-war with unruly thick curls apply aloe to tame your fizzy hair type. Rich in moisture, it hydrates and its lightweight texture works smoothly as a conditioner to give your curls that wow look.

You can use aloe vera shampoos to act as a boost of moisture needed for people with dry, damaged hair. Alternatively, you can use a hair mask to benefit from a range of beauty perks it offers.

Amazing as ever – Amla

Prepare to be amazed, Amla or Indian Gooseberry has a mentioned in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat almost everything. Native to India amla is used for various diseases for its nutritional properties.

Its anti-inflammatory effects bring amla to the forefront of the next big gun in beauty care. An incredible wellspring, it protects your dome and gives you a healthier scalp and lovely locks. Amla’s potent richness ranges take care of issues ranging from hair loss to other disorders. It boosts cell growth and immunity and improves scalp health. Boost hair density by improving the thickness and volume of your hair.

Packed with phytonutrients and EFA (Essential Fatty Acids), Amla contains Vitamins C and E, Tannins and minerals like Iron, phosphorus, and Calcium to stir up blood circulation in the scalp. Topical application helps the scalp benefit from all the essential nutrients. This stimulates robust hair growth. Amla strengthens hair follicles to give you a magnificent mane and lustre. Apart from performing its key functions, the amla solution has proved effective in lice attacks.

It is your best bargain for cell regrowth to promote a cleaner scalp and minimise dandruff. Its fringe benefits give you darker and longer locks hence amla oil is always in demand.

From combating hair loss to premature greying to conditioning frizzy damaged hair to making it dark and stunning, the Indian gooseberry’s list of awesomeness is endless. Let it take a position of power on your beauty shelf as amla in any form will add a dynamic boost to your care-for-hair regime. Now let some jaws drop as you flaunt your shiny luscious locks to the hilt with amla shampoo.

So the next time you buy a hair product, be sure to look for these ingredients. We promise you will see an incredible difference and your hair will look as gorgeous as ever! Enjoy happy, healthy hair every day.

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