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6 tips to manage wet hair


It is fun and romantic to flick droplets of water off wet hair, yet it’s a completely different story when it comes to the anguish of maintaining it. Whether it’s after a shampooing session, or dripping wet hair after being caught in unexpected rain, or even a rejuvenating swim, your crowning glory needs proper care especially when it is doused. While reaching for a towel or a hairdryer may be the easiest way out, it’s also the most damaging.

Hence TLC, or Tender Loving Care, can go a long way in preventing wet hair woes to keep your tresses strong, shiny, and sassy.

Wet hair

How to care for wet hair?

Come, let’s take a look at ‘Yes, of course!’ and ‘No, you shouldn’t’ tips you should remember when your hair is wet or even damp.

Air-dry your hair


It is a known fact that wet hair is vulnerable and can break easily. Therefore, instead of hair drying it, air-dry it. It not only gives your hair a break from the heat of styling tools, but it also helps retain moisture and keeps strands hydrated for longer. The process is slow, but in the end, healthy hair is worth the wait. Allow most of the water to drain out naturally, but then again, if your hair is still damp, only then use a hairdryer, preferably with the lowest setting.

Brushing wet hair is a no-no


While you may be tempted to get rid of those annoying knots, remember, wet hair is prone to breakage, and combing or brushing it can only aggravate the damage. That’s because there are chances that you may tug at the roots leading to hair loss and split ends. Air dry your hair and use a wide-toothed comb slowly all the way through for lustrous, healthy hair.

Choose the right towel


While drying your hair with a towel may be your go-to, you must remember that many fabrics are rough and can cause damage. That’s why microfiber towels are a huge boon. They have finer threads that are gentler on the hair. Moreover, they minimize friction, absorb excess moisture and ensure quick drying. Alternatively, your soft T-shirt can work wonders too.

Avoid heated styling tools

Hair-styling tools

A huge ‘don’t’ when it comes to taking care of wet hair is the use of heated styling tools. This is extremely damaging. That’s because when your hair is wet, the heat will transform moisture into steam, which can dry your hair and cause severe damage, almost as bad as frying your hair. It’s best to use curling irons, hair straighteners, rollers, curlers, or other heated tools when your hair is completely dry.

Don’t use hair products

Hair products

Applying your favourite product on wet hair is not advisable, because when you apply your hair product and then blow-dry your hair, the heat melts the products, weighs down your strands, making it difficult to style.

Dry your hair before going to bed 

Hair drying

No one can sleep with wet hair. It is uncomfortable and causes hair to knot and break. Moreover, the warm prolonged dampness of your hair will make your scalp the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. So, drying out your hair is the best way to sleep well and for hair health too.

So there you have it. Our handy list of dos and don’ts, that will turn your hair woes into hair wows. Remember, caring for wet hair is essential in maintaining a healthy, happy mane. With these easy tips, you can minimize damage and maximize style, the right way. All it takes is a slight change in your beauty regime that will make a big difference to your hair.

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