Oil cleansing and oil pulling for clearer skin

Oil cleansing & pulling

About oil cleansing and its benefits

Though it sounds somewhat crazy at first using skin oils as facial cleansers is now making sense. It was ingrained in us that oil is a risky proposition as a skincare regimen, especially for those with oily skin. But recent studies bombed this very basic by discovering the wonderful benefits and healing properties of oils for skin. Today, new-age theory puts foaming and lathering on the backburner and brings oil cleansing in the mainstream beauty regime broadcasting its incredible results.

Oil cleansing
Oil cleansing

Replacing skin oils instead of traditional cleansers is known to protect the natural lipid layer and hold moisture thus giving us soft skin. Therefore, instead of dealing with skin irritation or dryness caused by regular products, oil balances the moisture-oil ratio of our skin and prevents such breakout.

Often abbreviated as OCM, oils for cleansing are prepared in a particular composition to nourish our skin. They are effective to unclog pores and tame acne/blackheads breakouts, in removing makeup, dead skin, makeup(even waterproof), and dirt. Oil cleansing works as a good moisturizer even for oily skin types.

Take a few drops of skin oil in your palm (clean palms naturally) and gently apply it all over your face. A quick massage should be followed by a warm towel wipe-out. Voila, Fresh!

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You can try oil cleansing once a day or as and when you feel the need. Even though oil cleansing is soft on the skin, if you experience any irritation, stop immediately and seek advice. Great oils to use for oil cleansing are olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and so on.

Insider tip for oil cleansing

Not all oils are created equal!

Olive oil is rich in vitamins, while castor oil is antibacterial (good for oily skin).

Grapeseed oil is high in antioxidants defending skin from free radicals, while jojoba oil fights acne. For dry skin, avocado oil is good.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling
Oil pulling

Did you know that you can whiten your teeth, get rid of bad breath/bacteria, and generally promote dental health by gurgling and swishing some oil in your mouth?

It sounds a little odd and even gross, but millennials swear by it. Called oil pulling, this holistic dental treatment is catching up and racing with our toothbrush and paste to replace the duo. Interestingly, it is an ancient Ayurvedic dental treatment to ‘pull out’ bacteria and reduce toxins in the mouth.

The benefits of oil pulling are healthier gums, combats sinuses, decreases plaque formation, bad breath, and gingivitis.

Though oil pulling can improve oral hygiene, lack of research will not advise replacing it with your regular methods of brushing and flossing.

Are there side effects of oil pulling?

Though for a rookie this oil pulling will be uncomfortable there are no known side effects of it. Sesame, coconut, olive oil is popularly used for oil pulling.

Be watchful so as not to ingest or swallow the oil.

Once you complete your cleansing, spit it out in a bin and not the basin as there will be oil build-up in the basin pipes.

Rarely, improper oil pulling can cause lipoid pneumonia. This is when one could inhale unhygienic oil which could enter the lungs and cause inflammation.

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