The Wedding Look: All Ceremony Specials

Weddings take months of meticulous planning. The shopping, fixing the venue, the guest list, the tasting and deciding on the fabulous food and it goes on. Amazingly enough, a wedding that once took a day, today can be a week or more of fun and frolic. Yes, we are talking about the flamboyant, fat and huge Indian wedding.

As the countdown begins towards D-day and you prep yourself for some nonstop fun, it’s time to put your best face forward. Bride or bridesmaid, or just a guest at a wedding, here is a list of wedding must-haves.

Rock the haldi ceremony

Traditional Indian weddings begin with a pre-wedding ceremony of ‘haldi’ aka Turmeric. Here, family members and loved ones apply Haldi to the bride and groom. It symbolizes a clean, pure beginning for the couple. In some parts of India, Haldi is also applied to unmarried friends and siblings.

Haldi Ceremony Must-Have: Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick (Fuchsia)

Add a dollop of pink to the frolic of yellow. This stunning Fuchsia shade will add cheer and play up the sense of liveliness and boisterousness. It has excellent coverage too so all the more reason to celebrate.

Ace the mehendi night

After the holy ritual of Haldi, the exciting mehendi ceremony follows, where the bride adorns her hands and feet with henna. A representation of positivity and good luck, it is believed that the darker the mehendi, the more the husband will love the bride. Robust with song and dance, this is often accompanied by a Sangeet ceremony where the families get a chance to strengthen their bond.

Mehendi Night Must-Have: Color Fx Twilight Festive Collection Nail Enamel

Give your mehendi-adorned hands even more vibe with this lovely nail enamel. It’s edgy yet sophisticated and lends itself seamlessly to a fun night. Go for berry tones, deep purple or a wine-coloured red for that irresistibly classy look. The best part is that this nail enamel is enhanced with non-yellowing properties and non-toxic formula.

Sass up for sangeet night

The perfect accompaniment to the Mehendi revelries is the Sangeet night. A musical celebration, full of song and dance, where families participate wholeheartedly and even the bride and groom show off their moves. It is usually before the wedding with the main where families can bond in an informal setting before settling into holy matrimony.

Sangeet Night Must-Have: Lakme 9 To 5 Pure Rouge Blusher

Look like the naturally blushing bride-to-be with this soft, natural blush. It matches every Indian skin tone building soft layers on those rosy cheeks. It is feather-light, ensures sheer, and gives complete coverage. Wear it and we promise you’ll sing praises.

The big day has arrived: The wedding!

The Baraatis are here

Here, the groom makes a grand entrance, more often than not on a ‘ghodi’ (mare) or a luxury car. then accompanied by his family, relatives, and friends in a big procession (Baarat), this is an extravagant show of pomp with music, dance, and fireworks. Looking your best here is important. So if you’re one of the baraatis, it’s time to pick this up.

Baraat Must-Have: Chambor Orosa Matt Perfection Lipstick

The best companion for a fun night is lipstick that’s just as much fun. From nudes to bold shades, this lip couture is a combination of rich pigments for great colour. This long-lasting, matte finish covers imperfections and gives a matte finish and nourishes the lips. Easy to apply in just one stroke, this lipstick does not contain any animal ingredients and is cruelty-free.

It’s time to exchange the Varmala

During the varmala ceremony, exchanging of garlands, family and relatives sing a song and the marriage is official. While in some cultures, the jaimala function takes place in the bride’s house but these days this function takes place at the venue. After this, both families welcome each other and symbolically become one large family. This is another event where fun, dance laughter joy and good food are abundant.

Varmala Moment Must-Have: Makeup RevolutionVRelove Trio Contour Palette

For the not-so-blushing bride, Makeup Revolution gives on a platter this gorgeous palette. Created with quality ingredients, these colours define your features with a 3-step contour palette. Shade, blush and highlight with these.

Let’s steal the shoes

It is now that the popular North Indian tradition, Baasi Jawari or Joothe Churana (stealing the shoes) is played. Here the bride’s sisters hide the groom’s shoes and money is demanded by the groom to have them back.

Some wedding traditions include wedding games to lighten the mood. One such game is retrieving a ring from a pot of coloured water. Whoever can get the ring is supposed to be the dominant person in the marriage. Playing with flowers and untying a ball of knots are a few games that are played mainly by the couple.

After-Party Must-Have: Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic

The one cosmetic that will shine through these fun functions is this one. The warm metallic luminous sheen of this highlighter is because of the reflective pigment that gives it an attractive effect. Flaunt a brilliant glow that will last long through all the fun and games.

After all the ceremonies, pujas are performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesh for the marriage to be smooth and hurdle free. And thus begins the happily ever after.

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