The Wedding Look: Regional Specials

In a land of diverse cultures, a mélange of different customs coupled with a riot of colours distinct to every region, India is a flamboyant country where weddings hold tremendous significance.

The various festivities, the motley of bright hues, the mix and match of styles and unique jewellery, the custom-made glamour and vibrancy of the functions, each holding its importance in this holy ritual where two souls become one. Needless to say, this ‘big fat and robust Indian wedding’ inspires every fashionista and mesmerizes others.

Let us travel to the four main regions of India and partake in their multi-cultural and time-honoured style for weddings. It’s every girl’s dream, to have the perfect wedding, hence everything has to be well, perfect. Therefore, brides of every region take in their traditional styles fusing them with something new to look stunning.

The Eastern Bride: Bengali Nababadhu

Another tradition typical to a Bengali bride is the white Mukut which sits like a crown on her head while her hands and feet are adorned with Alta, a red liquid dye which is used like mehendi.

In a Bengali wedding, the red colour symbolizes fertility and passion hence dominating the festivity. While kohl, liner and heavy mascara dominate the eyes, a bold red lip is a favourite choice for the lips.

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The Western Bride: Maharashtrian Vadhu

For the Maharashtrian wedding, the bride adorns herself to resemble Goddess Parvati. Wearing a Nauvari (nine-yard) saree or a Paithani saree, with a thick border of gold on the fine silk, looks captivating. The saree itself is worn in a different style, just like a dhoti and a kamar-patta tied around the waist gives it a sensuous touch.

Hair is typed up in a neat bun with a white mogra hair garland decorating the bun. The stand-out piece of jewellery is the half-moon nose ring called the Nath. Nath is made of tiny pearls but the distinguishable part of a Maharashtrian wedding dress is Mundavalya. This is a string of pearls that goes across the forehead and hangs on both sides of the face-framing the lovely face. This is worn by both the bride and the groom. The arc decorative bindi on her forehead adds to her beauty.

Amidst a riot of colour and jewellery, natural, soft makeup is what most brides prefer.

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The Northern Bride: Punjabi Dulhan

The grand ‘Solah Shringar’ is the elaborate wedding wear of a Punjabi bride. Dressed in flamboyant red Patiala salwar, the embroidery is something out of this world. The matching odhni adorns the head of the blushing bride with heavy gold embellishments and is complemented with matching jewellery.

Apart from the decorative Maang Tikka, earrings and necklaces, Punjabi brides wear bangles called ‘Churris’, a set of 21 red and ivory bangles worn on each arm with the ‘Kaliras’ embellished with gold trinkets. The bride generally ties her hair in long braids with a fancy Parand/Tussels hanging at the end. The beautiful fusion of rich traditions and the bright beauty of Punjabi brides is enchanting.

In terms of makeup, a Punjabi bride goes all out. Metallics and shimmer rule the roost. Loud and bold, opulence is the theme when it comes to a Punjabi wedding or makeup.

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The Southern Bride: South Manappen

The highlight of a South Indian bride is her jewellery. Matching the ostentatious Kanjeevaram sarees with striking gold borders, the bride wears a multi-layer neckpiece made mainly of gold. A ‘Vanki’ complemented with natural flowers, a single string of Nethi Chutti with maatha patti. Gold jewellery accentuates natural beauty.

The makeup too complements the gold in the ensemble. Gold-bronze makeup and a striking swipe of line make for the look 1.

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If you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, save this blog and share it. Make the big day memorable with a touch of tradition and contemporary sass. After all, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion deserves a once-in-a-lifetime makeup.

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