6 Best perfumes for your date night

Bring on the perfume power

What makes anyone attractive on a date night? While many will say an outfit, we say fragrance. The perfume you choose to wear is your potent arsenal on a night so important.


Compelling fragrances play a significant role in creating a lasting impression. Our sense of smell has a direct impact on the region associated with emotions and memories, hence if the incitement is positive it can have an influence you want and yes, the outcome too.

The science behind it all

The fundamental reason is that these fragrances are known to have a variety of pheromones. Pheromones are chemical substances that we emanate which make us attractive and appealing to others. Pheromones boost the fragrance which gives us a hypnotic aura.

Let’s get ready

Science aside, if you are getting ready for a date night, your perfume should be in the spotlight. There is no better way to start a date than by wearing a seductive fragrance which appeals to all senses. Whether it’s your first date or a loving night out with your partner, a charming perfume will make a huge difference. When picking your fragrance, for the night we suggest you go for bold notes.

Here are our favourites that will make your date night, one to remember.

Ajmal Aretha Eau De Parfum Fruity Perfume - Party Wear For Women, 100 ml Ajmal Aretha Eau De Parfum

A mesmerizing blend of floral and fruity, this fragrance emanates notes which are light rosy and woody notes. Its subtle softness of lemon, peach-pear, bergamot, and orange comes with a style of lily, rose and jasmine and posh base notes of spicy juniper, musk cedarwood and Vetiver.

Nautica Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette 50ml, 50ml Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette

If you are the adventurous kind this fragrance will make a difference. The scent of musk, sandalwood the top notes of Ozone And Basil will instantly hit you with freshness.  As you feel the night breeze the energetic scent of Water Lily, Pineapple and Jasmine create a thrilling infusion with Water Violet that captures the energy of the deep blue sea and engulfs you in it. Balance your yin with the powerful yang. Here comes the scent of a woman.

Guess Guess Seductive Noir Body Mist 250ml, 250ml Guess Seductive Noir Body Mist

When you decide to play the Queen Of The Night, there is just one word that we spell out loud – ‘Seduction’. This fragrance pulls out from its hat just what you need for the moment.  With the top notes of Bergamot, Sage and Peony, get ready to be captivated by the smouldering new essence of Iris Pallida, Jasmine Sambad and Muguet, infused with the base notes of Vetiver Haiti, White Suede, and Vanilla. Get this intriguing scent that embodies the unique magnetism and play style synonymous.

Skinn By Titan Nude Perfume For Women - EDP, 20 ml Skinn By Titan Nude

When you get an opportunity to choose statement fragrances, don’t shy away. This perfume evokes the memories of a summer romance with the first blush of fruity Lychee and Raspberry. Who can miss the enchanting citrusy Bergamot blended with sensuous Pink Rose and powerful Violet? And finally, the unique fusion of wood and spices that embodies you as you, the divine beauty, carries with her the mingled fragrance of Tonka Beans and modern Firmenich Musks.

Ustraa Barood Eau De Parfum - Long-Lasting Fragrance, Perfume For Men, 100 ml Ustraa Barood Eau De Parfum

Men, don’t despair. Here’s a fragrance, just for you. Born with a dynamic name, it symbolizes the power of a man. Playing with man’s fragrances, it is Leather and Musk merged with notes of Thyme, Basil, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Orris that seal the deal. Wear it for a special occasion where it is your chance to trigger those emotions. The top tones of Clary Sage, Myrtle, Bergamot, and Lime and Lemony with Cedar are exactly what your heart needs.

VILLAIN Perfume - Hydra Eau De Parfum, For Men, 20 ml Villain Perfume Hydra Eau De Parfum

Now, you don’t have to be a villain to wear this arresting fragrance on your date night. The base tones lay down the mood of soft Musk, Cedar and Sandalwood while the middle whiff is all about spicy floral Jasmine, Nutmeg and White Flowers. Wait till the top notes of Lime, Sharp Mint, And Grapefruit captivate you…it is enchanting, to say the least.

So, pick your fragrance and get ready to rock the date. After all, the first impression matters the most. Leave behind a fragrance that lingers long after.

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