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Oud: The Middle Eastern Scent of Sensuality

If there is any fragrance that transports you back to the Arabian Nights, then Oud it is Powerful, intense and potent, Oud or Oudh, has a uniquely strong, sensual, smoky fragrance that takes you to the hallowed corridors of the aristocracy.

The origin of Oud is as interesting as the fragrance. It is extracted from the tropical Aquilaria or Agar trees, which produce a mould called Phialophora Parasitica, which in turn produces a dense, fragrant resin. This wood is then purified to make Oud perfumes and attars. Furthermore, the older the tree, the more special it becomes. Therefore, Oud has an underlying fragrance of rich and woody with hints of all the blends and heady concoctions. Simply put, this fragrance is exotic.

Often referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’ in the Middle East, today it is leading the list of the best fragrances Oud and is regarded to be in the league of premium scents in all respects – demand, rarity and price.

Favourite among the fan-of-fragrances, you will mostly find Oud blended wonderfully with rose or perhaps sandalwood to make it headier. A favourite of debonair men, who always want to make their presence felt would perhaps gravitate towards Oud-based fragrances. It adds to their prestige and the sillage creates an aura you simply can’t miss. You will mostly find Oud blended wonderfully with rose or perhaps sandalwood to make it headier.

It’s not just the Middle East, India too has its supply of Oud. It is also found in Kerala and Assam, and Odisha too figures on the list. Given its reach far and wide, we too hold a proud list of Oud fragrances that we think must be part of your grooming.

VILLAIN Perfume - Eau De Parfum, For Men, 20 ml Villain Perfume

The true hero of fragrances

Play on your power, rule the world and leave behind an irresistible aura. This lasting new signature perfume for men has woody notes with tones of spice and all things nice. Wear it daily to unravel your lethal charisma and a lingering appeal that boasts of bursts of dare and intriguing grandeur. In the truest sense, this rich fragrance is the quintessential embodiment of what you want to be.

FRSH 1965 Origins Eau De Parfum - Long Lasting Fragrance, For Men, 100 ml Frsh 1965 Origins

The origin of unlimited freshness

You don’t have to go to the 60s to get this classic fragrance. It’s right here for you, for the man who lives his life large. Launched by the megastar Salman Khan, this EDP is the epitome of the success mantra ‘Live life king size, like a king’. With a luxurious mix of Sicilian Lemon, Geranium, Blood Orange, and Cedarwood, this regal fragrance symbolizes powerful influence while celebrating power and accomplishment.

Axe Signature Gold Dark Vanilla & Oud Wood Perfume, 80 ml Axe Signature Gold

The gold standard of fragrance is here!

Turn on your mysterious, seductive side with this intense perfume. A long-lasting EDT, it is made up of exclusive and pricey ingredients. It has hints of Royal Oud Wood fused with Gold Dark Vanilla to craft the unique persona you will soon reveal to the world. The astringent Mandarin blend is mesmerizing, to say the least. Spray it on your pulse points and leave behind a lasting impression of authority and class. A sleek stylish matte and lightweight, this is extremely travel friendly.

La' French Eau De Parfum - Oud Nuit, Attractive Fragrance, 100 ml La’ French Eau De Parfum

Ace the day with a touch of French finesse

This blast of freshness keeps you energized and active all day long. With an unmatched top-quality fragrance which is in a class of its own, this gives you the advantage to stay ahead and bring on your A-game. The charming Oud scent is uplifting and the very reason that creates a magical world with a mesmerizing effect. Spread your charm wherever you go.

Smart Collection Oud Intense Blends Eau De Perfume - Natural Spray, Long Lasting Fragrance, 100 ml

Smart Collection Oud Intense Blends

The smartest way to smell fabulous

Leave an indelible mark of your arresting personality with this intense blend. Designed to uplift your mood and keep you fresh all day long, this Amber Woody fragrance is suitable for both men and women. It contains top notes of Woody, Oud and Spice, middle notes of Vanilla, Balsamic and base notes of Amber and sweet, this is an exemplary sensory one-of-a-kind achievement. It is powerful and intense, just like you.

Undoubtedly, Oud creates a powerful sensory experience. It’s nothing like anything. One of the oldest and rarest fragrances, Oud has stood the test of time and has mastered the art of leaving an indelible mark, every time. Voluptuous and full-bodied, pick your fragrance and let’s pay an ode to Oud.

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