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Mouth-watering bhindi recipes to try at home

Humble and pretty underrated, bhindi has its own group of fans as well as haters. Some of us swear by it while others hate it because it’s slimy. But no matter what your opinion, we’ve got something that will make you change your mind about bhindi: delicious recipes!

Bhindi masala and sambhar have been a staple in Indian homes for generations. But if you’re like us, you might be bored of eating the same bhindi masala or sambhar every other day. And maybe you want something new! Well, we’ve got you covered with some mouth-watering recipes that will make your taste buds scream for more!

So get your chef’s hat on and get ready to spice up your cooking repertoire, because our bhindilicious recipes will always have something tasty on hand for when you’re craving a snack or a side dish.

Okra Soup

When bhindi is here to take away your blues and add a dash of delight, you must not miss the chance to cook okra soup. Boy oh boy, with this winter blowing cold air into our faces, how awesome it would be to sit, sip and slurp okra soup.

Easy to make and healthy too, it is fun to eat soup with crotons in it. Want to make it for dinner today, then follow this recipe:

Check out the recipe here

Cheesy Okra Fritters

Give your pakora a twin twist of making it with bhindi and cheese. It takes just 13 common kitchen ingredients and only 10 singing minutes to make crispy bhindi pakora.  With onions and curry leaves for aroma, this fritter is full of flavour. Keep this plateful of crunchy fritters in the centre for your family to eat.  Gone in 60 seconds…The results will speak for themselves.

Check out the recipe here

Quinoa Bharwa Bhindi

We know that bhindi has earned its status when it gets into the same dish as quinoa. Bharwa Bhindi, or Stuffed Okra, is rich and spicy and guaranteed to amaze all your senses and leave you hungry for more. With amchur powder for its tanginess and curry leaves for aroma, this stuffed bhindi dish is something we all want and keep wanting!

Check out the recipe here

Vendakkai Curry

We just mentioned the tasty sambar with sticky but delicious bhindi swimming in it. But our mouths can’t stop watering when we speak of bhindi in coconut milk.   As we keep salivating, here is our turbo-charged brief on this classic okra dish with a Keralite coconutty twist.  Highly aromatic and super tasty, the addition of coconut milk is an epic dhamaka to the dish which makes us all selfish eaters.  We won’t share the dish but we will share the recipe.

Check out the recipe here

Now, who wants bhindi for dinner? We guessed it right, only sheepish smiles and loud preferences on how to make bhindi surprises for them. Try out these recipes and tell us how you liked them. Lo and behold, bhindi is humble no more.

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