Find Your Fragrance: Floral

Imagine walking through a garden, enveloped by dewy freshness, the gentle fragrance of flowers wafting through the air. Sounds calming, right? Now imagine this experience in a bottle. That’s what floral fragrances are.

Floral fragrances have always been a part of our grooming. Highly regarded since ancient times, this fantastic bottled bouquet has charmed us ever since. Today it is still a crowd-pleaser, favoured by many for its blissful spring-season quality. Modern floral fragrances make you feel pristine, fresh and alive.

One of the most versatile fragrances, floral scents usually consist of Rose, Jasmine, Mogra or Lillies. An epitome of flower power, each of these is zesty and fresh. Giving a ‘summer breeze in a meadow’ kind of vibe, floral fragrances make for the perfect accessory for an afternoon soiree or a date.

Balancing the intense with feminine notes, no floral scent is complete without the elegant you. So take your pick from our favourites that are worth trying, and worth buying. Check it out.

The Romantic Floral

Yardley London Mist Daily Wear Perfume, 100 ml Yardley London Mist

If love is in the air, it’s time to soak in all the joy. And what better way to do so than spritz the most romantic fragrance there is. Yardley London Mist will remind you of a bouquet of fresh flowers that will woo you gently. It almost feels like a surely drive along the countryside as the fresh winds tease your senses. A dreamy blend of Cinnamon and Cedarwood, this fragrance is rejuvenating, energizing and enthralling.

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The Femme Fatale Floral

Guess 1981 Eau De Toilette Pour Femme, 100 ml Guess 1981

Alluring, sensual and sophisticated, this fragrance is laced with an air of mystery. It boasts of crisp, clean top notes, fruity-floral heart and woody-musky base top notes of Ambrette Seed and Violet, and heart notes of Pear, Jasmine Petals and Sandalwood. Not to forget the base notes have Cedarwood, Musk and Amber. An intriguing mix of scents, Guess 1981 itself beautifully to the sexy, young, adventurous lifestyle.

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The Divalicious Floral

Layerr Wottagirl! Perfume Spray - Amber Kiss, 135 ml Layerr Wottagirl! Perfume

It’s perky, it’s fun and it’ll be by your side all day long. Confidence-boosting, compliment-garnering perfume, the Layerr Wottagirl! Perfume has a lively fragrance that will leave you feeling fresh and looking beautiful, no matter what.

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The Fashionable Floral

Police Deodorant Body Spray for Women - To Be Queen, 200 ml Police Deodorant Body Spray

From a brand that is known for its contemporary metropolitan style, here is another reason to indulge. The Police Deodorant Body Spray is nothing like anything. Way ahead of its time, this trendsetter fragrance boasts of top notes infused with Mandarin, Orange Redfruits and Petit Grain. Moving on to the heart notes, it lingers with fragrances of Jasmine, Peach and Pineapple and then the base notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, and Cedarwood. Go get the sassiest, classiest fragrance there truly is.

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The Girly Floral

Engage Bodylicious Deodorant Spray - Blush, Long Lasting Fragrance, For Women, 150 ml Engage Bodylicious Deodorant Spray

An enticing fragrance that’s graceful and glamorous, this adds a sizzle wherever you go. With soft, fruity notes cushioned by woody and musk, the Engage Bodylicious Deodorant Spray is the epitome of elegance, extravagance and a feminine edge that last all day and ensures you leave behind a lasting fragrance wherever you go.

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The Classy Floral

Smart Collection Oud Intense Blends Eau De Perfume - Natural Spray, Long Lasting Fragrance, 100 ml Smart Collection Oud Intense Blends

This fragrance is a class apart. Mood lifting and power boosting, this fresh lingers all day long. It’s almost like a garden in a bottle with top notes of the Royal Oud and intense spice, middle notes of Vanilla and Balsamic fused with base notes of Amber and Sweet make this fragrance smart and sassy. Spritz it and let the fragrance become you. Smart Collection Oud Intense Blends is one-of-a-kind, powerful and smart, just like you.

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Now you can the joy of flowers, wherever you go. Let your day bloom with an irresistible fragrance as each of these scents give you every reason to indulge in.

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