Deos: When, how & where to use them

Deodorants are life savers! Especially during the hot, summer months, it’s a boon. Today, deodorants have become a necessity than an accessory skincare product for most of us. Manic working hours, stress, and erratic lifestyle have caused our bodies to go into overdrive and get sweatier than ever.

Here’s where our faithful deos help us battle perspiration. It is important to note that deos and antiperspirants are entirely different. While antiperspirants reduce and or prevent sweating, deos prevents odour without blocking pores, which makes the latter a safer option. Little wonder then that it is the go-to of most people who’re always on the go.

So, after much curating, applying and assessing, here are some deos you absolutely must try.

Clean your skin

Park Avenue Perfume Spray - Voyage, 2x220 ml (Multipack) Make sure you take a shower and clean your skin. Ensure your underarms and well-washed as this is where we sweat the most.

BB Fave: Park Avenue Perfume Spray

Why we love it? A lovely medley of scents, its fresh, citrusy mandarin blended with the sweet-spicy scents of nutmeg and cinnamon, coupled with base notes of fresh Vetiver with top robust notes of sandal, patchouli and musk, makes it a must-have.

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Never apply on wet skin

Fogg Fragrance Body Spray - Marco 150 ml + Fragrance Body Spray - Napoleon 150 ml, Combo 2 Items Before applying the deo, ensure that your skin is completely dry. Applying it on wet skin will make the formula less effective, which means lesser results. So remember, dry before you apply.

BB Fave: Fogg Fragrance Body Spray

Why we love it? Long-lasting, and bubbly, it promises a soothing, fresh feeling all day.

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Let it dry before dressing up

Axe Pulse Deodorant, 3x150 ml Multipack Don’t be in a hurry to get dressed. Give it a couple of minutes to dry. This will not let it set but it’ll also prevent white patches and stains on clothes.

BB Fave: Axe Pulse Deodorant

Why we love it? Lightweight and travel-friendly, its citrusy fragrance will get pulses racing an heads turning, wherever you go.

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Spray right

Engage Bodylicious Deodorant Spray - Blush, For Women, 3x150 ml (Multipack) It is essential to cover the entire area. Short bursts of sprays, upwards and downwards, twice or thrice will work wonders. Remember, overspraying does not increase effectiveness.

BB Fave: Engage Bodylicious Deodorant Spray

Why we love it? Lightweight and travel-friendly, its citrusy fragrance will get pulses racing an heads turning, wherever you go.

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Apply before you start sweating

Yardley London English Lavender Deodorant For Women, 2x150 ml (Multipack) Remember, the trick is to apply deodorant before you start sweating, and not after. This will help keep your armpits fresh and sweat-free.

BB Fave: Yardley London English Lavender Deodorant.

Why we love it? With luxurious notes of lavender, this rich and authentic scent will keep you energized and rejuvenated.

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Carry it with you

One8 By Virat Kohli Perfume Body Spray - Willow, Long Lasting Fragrance, For Men, 2x200 ml (Multipack) Carry your deodorant with you and freshen up as and when need be. Here’s a pro tip. Keep a cloth handy in case your underarms get too sweaty. Dab the excess sweat and then apply the deodorant.

BB Fave: One8 by Virat Kohli

Why we love it? Capturing a fine refined aroma of moss, this citrus spice laced with the captivating aroma of woody passages is enchanting indeed.

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Maximize your deos with these handy tips. You’ll not only feel great but smell great too. And smelling great is a confidence booster we all need. Keep these simple techniques in mind and you’ll end up smelling fresher for longer. Now life’s no sweat!

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