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Morning Gut Check: Benefits of eating fruit for breakfast

Time and again we are told that fruits at breakfast are good for us. With the diverse taste, sizes, colours and nutrients, fruits do get our thumbs up to be included in the first meal of the day. One thing is for sure, fruits are perfect so eat them like the King and set the tone for the day.

However, these drupes and fruits should get our seal of approval to make it to your tummy. We begin our fruity trail with a balanced breakfast of ‘apples, pears, banana and more’ bowl. Let’s begin our day with fruits that also support a robust gut.

The blast of flavours and health

With a burst of sweet-sour taste, imagine the party in your mouth. The diverse types of enzymes and gut microbiomes, the fruits contain do make for a nice bowl of healthy which enhances immunity and is good for digestion and metabolism.


Fresho Banana - Robusta, 1 kg Reputed for improving digestion and relieving constipation, you can munch on this one to keep your gut microbiome thriving. This beloved fruit goes well with anything but famously pairs with cereals. Alternatively, blitz it with milk to make a delicious glass of smoothie.

Guzzle it down or eat it on the way, the fibre content and other essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and folate take this fruit to the top of our list. Besides cereals and oatmeal, you can bake a wicked slice of healthy banana bread.


Fresho Apple - Shimla, 4 pcs (Approx. 550 - 640 g) Though this fruit is awesome for you it is honestly not everyone’s first choice. Cutting up apples and sprinkling chaat masala is, my dear, more of an evening snack, but then, why not?

For those mornings ‘to keep the doctor away’ benefit, the fibres and other essential nutrients like vitamin K boost your immune. Incorporate them by steaming them al dente and enjoying them in whichever way you want.  Mix them with other fruits and go yummy. Try the classic apple pie or apple sauce and start your morning fabulously.


Fresho Fresho Pomegranate Regular, 1 kg (5-6 pcs per kg) Shining like maroon jewels, pomegranates make an incredible addition to your breakfast. Packed with fibre, their punch points for health are the prebiotic polyphenols. The bio-compounds are known to improve the production of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium microorganisms to leave your gut undeniably thriving.

It is no wonder that pomegranate is an excellent fruit to keep your digestive system boosted.  Top up your fruit bowl or salad with these maroon seeds or add them to your hummus. It is also wonderful to mix the seeds in the dahi and enjoy it, especially on a hot afternoon.


Fresho Pear - Green, Imported, 4 pcs Here is another gut-healthy fruit, pear is packed with an amazing 5.6 gms of fibre making it to the top of gut-enhancing fruit. An easily likeable, succulent fruit, pears are versatile as you can eat them any way you want.  Add them to your pancake, to your cereals or to oatmeal. Bake a pear with brown sugar or simply add them to your toast with a little drizzle of honey and some nuts and cheese. It’s perfectly sensible.


This is no cheat-treat fruit but is good for your gut flora. Attractive, juicy, and mildly sweet, peach has a good amount of fibre that keeps your gut microbiota healthy.  Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium, this fruit boosts immunity, reduces inflammation and even lowers cholesterol.

Slice the fruit and eat it with a healthy dip like Greek yoghurt. Peaches and paneer…what a wow combination. Add them to your salad for that extra crunch and health.


Fresho Pineapple, 1 pc 800 g -1000 g Succulent, crunchy, delicious and packed with nutritious bio-compounds and enzymes, what is there not to like in a pineapple? They are among the sweetest fruits and excellent to keep your gut healthy. Here is the striking list of nutrition you can get from one cup of the amazing fruit: Vitamin C, B6, minerals like manganese, niacin, folate, copper, thiamine, and riboflavin so get them in your diet. Simply slice, add a little salt and drizzle lime juice, enjoy.  Adding them to your fruit salad is another easy way.


Fresho Grapes - Green Sonaka, Approx 500 g 1 Pack 1Any colour any type, there is no doubt that grapes make a healthy gut-thriving breakfast deal. These bijou jewels like fruits step up their healthy determinants by packing 1.5 gms of fibre and other healthful nutrients. Eating them as it is or mixing them in your salad/fruit bowl is another great way to consume them.


Fresho Fresh Figs, 250 g This is another potent digestive fruit that serves you well.  Make it a staple of your regular diet. If 100 grams of raw figs contain 3.0 grams of dietary fibre, dried figs contain a jaw-dropping 9.9 grams of fibre. It also contains antioxidants and other cancer-cancelling components, is anti-inflammatory and reduces body fat.

Eat it like this: Make a fig toast with ricotta cheese. Yum, yes, way to go…Make a fig, goat cheese, arugula, toast…yet another way to go…Make a summer salad with almonds, figs, cucumber, tomatoes anything else of your choice.


Fresho Dates - Kimia, with Seed, 1 pc (Approx. 400g - 500g) Have a date with dates. Sweet to taste, these are very nutritious fruits and are known for their nutrients that will bring to you plenty of gut health. From antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids to essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, copper, and manganese, dates have an amazing nutrient profile. Blend them in a smoothie as a natural sweetener. Add to your salad, or top up your dahi with dates.


With your plate full of fruits that have a healthy gut-promoting microbiome, you can now have a health-packed start to a wonderful day.

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