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Summer-Proof Your Skin with Body Lotions

Feeling hot, hot, hot. Yes! Summers are here, but Indian summers are yet something else! The sun releases its wrath at a scorching temperature that can cause havoc on your skin. But instead of battling these woes, it’s time to find a solution and enjoy summers the way they’re meant to be.

That’s right. As spring makes way for summer, it’s time to up your beauty game. In simple words, a new season calls for a new beauty routine, which includes the Holy Grail – Body Lotions.

Surprised? It’s true! Now, if you are wondering ‘Why take the trouble?’, here’s a list of benefits that you will ultimately reap:

  • Unlike popular belief, body lotions are essential in summer too as sweat can cause dehydration, and that in turn can cause a loss of moisture.
  • Body lotions lock in moisture and hydrate the skin
  • It calms irritated, dry and flaky skin
  • It reduces sunburns and heat caused by rash
  • It softens rough patches of the skin
  • It prevents early signs of wrinkles

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before choosing your summer special lotion:

Choose the right texture

In the summer, opt for a lightweight gel-based or water-based lotion. This kind of lotion not only replenishes lost moisture but its non-greasy texture prevents the skin from getting oily, which is a boon. Cream-based lotions can weigh your skin down and lead to blocked pores and breakouts.

BB Summer Essential: Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

Look for cooling ingredients

Nothing sounds more refreshing than a cold slice of cucumber on a hot summer day. Yes, we’re a fan too. Now imagine this goodness on your skin. Read the label and opt for lotions that are infused with Cucumber or Aloe Vera. Both of these have cooling and healing properties and are loaded with vitamins that work wonders for your skin. So let your skin guzzle up!

BB Summer Essential: Himalaya Refreshing Body Lotion

Go for fragrance

Summer means sweat and sweat means body odour. Ensure that your body lotion is lightly scented. Not only does it prevent odour but also boosts confidence and uplifts our mood. Fruity fragrances like berries and citrus are perfect for summer as they are fresh and zesty. Body lotions get absorbed easily, so your skin remains hydrated and smells fresh, unlike perfumes which can be overpowering. The effortless, efficient way to beat the heat.

BB Summer Essential: Everyuth Naturals Sun Care Berries Body Lotion

Don’t forget the SPF

Sun-dried tomatoes sound great, but sun-dried skin, not so much. It looks damaged, feels itchy, chapped and so flaky. What you need is a lotion that not only plumps and hydrates your skin but also protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. Given that Indian summers can be harsh, pick a sun defence lotion which prevents tanning and the damage of UV rays. Ensure you opt for a higher SPF as it offers better protection.

BB Summer Essential: Biotique 75+ Sunscreen Ultra Soothing Body Lotion

Prep your skin for the outdoors

If you are the outdoorsy kind and are in the sun for a long time, remember to wear a hat and sunglasses. Drinking water is a must and applying a body lotion is super essential. A body lotion replenishes your skin’s lost moisture and keeps it hydrated. Go for a featherweight, non-oily formula which also promises SPF.

BB Summer Essential: Nivea Aloe Protection SPF 15 

To keep in mind: Other features which you need to keep in mind while selecting your body lotion are that it should be non-comedogenic and it should be derma-tested.

Ace the summer with these tips:

  • Slather on the lotion as soon as you are out of the shower. Gently apply it all over the body and wait till it dries before dressing up.
  • Pick up a travel-friendly size so that you can apply lotion whenever you want.
  • Pay attention to the back of your hands. They are the first to show signs of ageing so they need their fair share of TLC.
  • It’s best if your lotion is infused with SPF.
  • At night, wash your feet in warm water, pat dry and apply the lotion to the heels of your feet. Keep your feet soft and happy
  • Don’t forget your knees, elbows and back.
  • If you use a razor, do apply lotion. This is an absolute must.

So here’s to a great summer with great skin. Don’t forget to load on those lotions and kiss your summer woes goodbye. Now get your daily dose of sun and have a ton of fun. Happy summer!

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