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Breezy Moisturizers for Hot Summer Days

Summer is here! Gloriously golden days full of sunshine and sun-kissed selfies. Packed with icy coolers and lazy lounging. But will all this there comes a ton of skin woes too. While the sundials up the heat, we gear up to beat it with our beauty arsenal of sunscreens and skincare products.

But in your long list of summer supplies, most of us forget a very important addition – the moisturizer. Surprised? Don’t be. If you are wondering ‘Why moisturizers?’, it’s because excessive heat can dehydrate hence it is necessary to keep it well-nourished and hydrated at all times, even when you sweat.

So while you’re prepping for the summer shenanigans, here’s a fair assessment of what moisturizers you need to bring into your life (and your skin). Here are some mini gems so you can have all the fun in the sun.

Keep oily summer skin at bay

Come summer, your skin feels nothing like an oil mine, even if it is a normal complexion. But now, it doesn’t need to. If you want that gorgeous summer glow, without the oily drip, opt for moisturizers that are oil-free and mattify your skin. Go for light moisturizers that are formulated to give your skin hydration and luminosity, without the greasy effect. These are your best bet as they are lighter than creams, making it easier for the skin to breathe.

BB Summer Pick: Nivea’s Soft Berry Blossom

Max up your SPF

Want to be a summer stunner and say sun-safe too? Well, you need an SPF-based cream that’ll not only maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance but also keep away the sun’s wrath. Choose a day cream that has an in-built SPF, the higher the SPF, the better. This will not only protect your skin from harmful sun rays but will also fight sunburn and prevent premature ageing.

BB Summer Pick: Pilgrim White Lotus Face Cream SPF 50

Detox is a must!

While you load up on coolers and smoothies, your thirsty skin is craving it too. Give it a boost and detox your sweaty complexion. How? Exfoliate your skin, scrub off the dead cells and reveal a cleaner, smoother complexion. This will not only help reduce the pores, but it will also give you an improved complexion. Top it off with a refreshing skin detox smoothie for all kinds of summer feels.

BB Summer Pick: Dot & Key Green Screen Skin Detox Smoothie

Say goodbye to sticky skin

A light and non-oily day cream can do wonders for your skin during the hot and humid summer months. With heat and humidity, your skin can get easily dehydrated and lose its natural glow. That’s where a light, non-oily moisturizer comes in handy. It provides essential hydration and protection from the sun and pollution while giving your skin a fresh and non-greasy feel.

BB Summer Pick: Ponds Light Moisturiser

Keep your skin youthful

The sun can be relentless. Its UV rays can damage the skin which leads to premature ageing and wrinkling. Maintaining a skincare routine will help you maintain your skin. Don’t forget to slather on some SPF and use a nourishing day cream too. Go for gel-based and water-based products. Opt for a light, non-greasy formula that will keep you looking as fresh as ever!

BB Summer Pick: Biotique Saffron Dew

Easy breezy tips

  • Use an oil-free moisturizer as this won’t block your pores
  • If you prefer an oil-based moisturizer, apply it in less quantity or on damp skin
  • Use lighter creams as heavier ones can weigh your skin down
  • Don’t forget to apply them on your hands and feet as these dry out quickly too. Remember to apply between your toes too.

Be a summer stunner and sizzle on all season long. With these handy pointers, we’re sure we’ve got you set for the summer. Do include these in your skincare routine and embrace the magic of the season, in all its golden glory. After all, a summer state of mind is the best kind.

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