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At-Home Summer Spa Day Checklist!

Summers can be all fun and play until the heat gets to you. It is especially harder for everyone who has to step out for work when the sun is out.

After a tiring day out in the sun or after having the heat drained all the energy out of you, all you would want to is to spend some time relaxing and unwinding. Some of the easiest ways to unwind are curl up with a book, relax in a bubble bath, take a nap or watch your favourite TV shows.

But when it comes to physical exhaustion, sometimes these options are not enough. A holiday turned into a perfect day at the spa seems ideal and very tempting. But all of this comes at a price, let’s face it, spa treatments are very expensive and require prior planning, appointment etc. Does having spa treatments sitting in the comfort of your home seem like a dream? Realize this dream easily with just some essentials and tips and pamper yourself this summer.

Here are a few things to order and keep in mind to enjoy some ‘at home’ spa time.

Body Scrubs

Don’t we all just love how a gentle exfoliant feels on our skin? It helps to get rid of dead skin and dirt from your facial skin. A body scrub does pretty much the same for the rest of your body. Invest in a gentle exfoliant and enjoy the feeling of fine granules scrubbing all your body dirt and dead skin away, while giving you the delicious tingly sensation all over your body.

Face Cleansers

There is a wide range of face cleansers available in the market that are suitable for various skin types. You can do some simple research and decide what cleanser suits your skin type the best. This is a simple first step that can be done easily within minutes on a daily basis. Take a small quantity of cleaner and gently massage your face with it. It will serve as a perfect base for all other pampering routines you plan on doing.

Face Mask

These are the apt spa-like treatment even when you are doing other things! Wear a face mask and continue your allied relaxations like reading or watching a show or even sleeping simultaneously! Choose from a selection of face masks that are hydrating, moisturizing, or have any other particular treatment options and get rejuvenated with them.

Eye Mask

Eyes often are the first indicator of fatigue. Pamper your eyes and under your eyes with some comforting eye masks. These eye masks fit perfectly under your eyes and help to soothe your under eyes, get rid of eye bags and even help with dark circles or fine lines. To make these feel even better you can freeze or refrigerate them to help with the summer heat.

Face Roller

Face rollers have gained a lot of importance in the recent past. Rollers work on reducing puffiness and help to ease the facial muscles. These face rollers are used by many aestheticians and you can buy one and turn your home into a spa too! All you need are some dim lights, good music and scented candles and you have a spa right at home.

You can even store these face rollers in the fridge to make them cool and even more relaxing on your face, especially during summer.

Hair Mask

While the rest of your body is being pampered, it is impossible to miss your hair. Give your scalp and hair the much-needed love and attention it needs. Nourish your hair and scalp and give it moisture and hydration and help with dry hair and split ends.

Hair masks are perfect as they help you feel relaxed and help your hair look and feel better. The best part is that it needs to be on your hair for not more than 10-30 minutes, it can be followed by a perfect relaxing warm shower and your spa treatment is done! You can choose the one that suits your hair and hair needs the best.

Pimple Patches

Stress shows in various ways, but pimples are the most common way in which stress is displayed. Of course, acne and pimple are caused due to various reasons like skin type, dietary habits, usage of products etc. We all know that worrying about acne will only make it worse.

But while you pamper yourself with some spa-like treatments, it is best to have a pimple patch that will help soothe the pimple and reduce its appearance as well.

Foot Spa

Don’t we all love the relaxation of a pedicure but dread the price it comes at? When you don’t feel like paying the high prices of a spa but want to get pampered at the same time without actually stepping out of your house, ‘at home’ foot spa treatment is all you need!

Simply get yourself some warm water to dip your feet into. You can use Epsom salt to set yourself in the right mood. The next step is to gently massage your feet and even your knees and elbows with some spa products to get rid of the dead skin and moisturize them to look soft, supple and feel ‘oh so good’.

Scented candles

The three most important factors that absolutely set the mood in a spa are dim lighting. Good music and scented candles.

You simply need to dim the lights of your house, play some soft music of your choice and choose from an assortment of scented candles.

And you have a spa ready right at home! This sets the scene along with some of the pampering products mentioned above and you are set for some ‘me’ time right at home.

This helps you save not just a whole lot of money, but also saves you the effort of travelling to a spa and back. What’s more? You can pamper yourself for as long as you please instead of a set time frame of a spa.

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