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4 Pre-Game Breakfasts for a Power-Up

Game days are nothing short of a significant event in the life of a sportsperson. Understandably so, because every game decides the team’s fate or the person’s future in the corresponding game. And so, on game day, spirits are high, morale is high and so need to be the energy levels of each player. 

In order to ensure the energy levels of sportspersons is high, the meal prior to the game needs to be perfectly curated. As this meal could be a game-changer in terms of performance. 

In fact, ensuring a balanced meal before any athletic event or game is a major part of the preparations one has to manage before their event. A stomach full of wholesome food can ensure optimum performance. The last thing one would want is a sports person who is unable to give their best simply because they were either too full or too low on energy mostly caused because of the breakfast they ate. 

What is an ideal Pre-Game breakfast?

An ideal Pre-Game breakfast is something that fuels a sportsperson to give their best performance. It should comprise enough nutrients and calories that provide enough energy that he/she does not feel hunger pangs or low energy during the game. So rushing out with just a dry toast and coffee is not going to cut it.

At the same time, the breakfast before games cannot be heavy or high in fats which makes the person feel sluggish or lazy and comes in the way of their optimum performance. This means meals including fried foods or dishes with a lot of cheese or butter are best avoided. 

Adding a healthy drink to breakfast is important as the person has to be well-hydrated before the game. This means it is best to keep teas and coffee away too. 

What must be avoided for breakfast before the game? 

While the meal cannot be heavy or very light, it is also important that breakfast does not comprise foods that cause bloating or makes the person feel gassy. Such foods could range from sprouts to salad including cabbage, broccoli, or any other foods high in fibre with a risk of causing bloating. 

The breakfast has to be lightly flavoured and avoid excessive use of sauces or spices could potentially cause acid reflux and hinder performance during the game. 

Also, best avoid elaborate dishes and lengthy breakfast preparations, as game mornings are busy and extra time spent in the kitchen is precious time wasted. The recipes must be simple, wholesome and quick to whip up. 

When is the right time to have breakfast before a game?

The best time to eat breakfast on a game day ideally is at least 3 hours before the game. This gives the body enough time to digest the food and absorb the nutrients which would be needed during the game. It avoids any sort of digestive difficulties like belching or burping or worse stomach cramps during the game. 

It is best if a sports drink or an energy fuelled drink is consumed about 30-45 minutes before the game. 

Breakfast options before a game

Here are a few simple breakfast options that are easy to prepare and well-balanced, of course, you can tweak these options to suit your individual dietary habits.

#1 Whole wheat chicken sandwich with yoghurt parfait

Simply use toast whole wheat slices of bread with some grilled and shredded chicken and some simple seasoning of your choice to give the right amount of protein and carbohydrates. A vegetarian alternative to chicken can be tofu or paneer. Pairing this with a parfait that includes yoghurt, some granola, healthy nuts and freshly cut fruits is the right way to include healthy fats, fibre and vitamins. 

An addition of freshly squeezed fruit juice can be included to complete the meal. 

#2 Eggs on toast with avocado with a fruit smoothie 

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen, and easily one of the healthiest options as well. Including a couple of eggs made in any way that you like including boiled, sunny side up, poached or any other way is a simple way to get your protein intake before the game. You can pair these eggs with whole wheat toasted slices of bread or even wheat rotis if you like. Add some mashed avocado that can act like a creamy spread on your bread or roti to eat with eggs, it is a good source of good fats and can be used easily without any prep. A smoothie with fruits and a dash of honey goes perfectly in terms of nutrition as well as flavour profile. 

If you do not like avocadoes they can be easily replaced with a serving of peanut butter which will also do the trick. 

#3 Oatmeal topped with nuts and fruits with boiled eggs

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest ways to start the day and it helps you feel full for longer and includes fibre. You can prepare it with regular milk, almond milk or even soy milk is a great option. Add a dash of honey to add some sweetness and top the breakfast with some lightly toasted almond slices and fruits of your choice, like strawberries, blueberries, apples etc. 

Adding a couple of boiled eggs fortifies the meal with an addition of proteins. You can easily team this with a healthy drink of choice like fresh fruit juice or coconut water to wash the meal down. 

#4 Vegetable upma/dalia with tofu and a fruit bowl

A sooji upma or Dalia is another good option for breakfast just before a game. Semolina or broken wheat (dalia) are all good sources of energy and carbohydrates and are easy on the stomach while making the person feel full. 

The vegetables of choice including carrots, peas, tomatoes etc. can help to add fibre content to the meal. These meals are wholesome and delicious to eat. 

Add some grilled paneer or grilled tofu simply seasoned with salt and pepper can help add some protein to the meal. 

A bowl of freshly cut fruits that can be topped with nuts is one of the perfect additions to this breakfast. A glass of cool lemon juice with honey to wash this meal down can help to hydrate too. 

While the above-mentioned ideas are just some suggestions to give an insight into what an ‘ideal’ Pre-Game breakfast should look like. It should basically contain a healthy carbohydrate source that is nourishing, along with some source of protein in the form of eggs, chicken, fish, paneer, tofu etc. Fibre sources should be simple and easily digestible like fruits or cooked vegetables. Drinks should preferably be natural so hydrate the body well. 

All the options are easy to prepare, well-balanced and apt to eat before any game. 

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