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10 Things to stock up for your baby

Keep these at home and you never have to run to the shopping mall at the last minute.

A wave of mixed emotions fills your heart when a baby enters your life. Amidst the new changes, you want to make sure that you enjoy everything, and while doing so, you also want to give your baby the best of things. But, big things will come later; first, you will have to take care of the basic things your little new requires. Also, you can’t delay or ignore your newborn’s necessities. To help with just that, we’ve made a list of things that you will need more often. Make sure you have them stocked at home so that you never have to run to the shopping mall at the last minute.

A baby mat

Farlin Baby Cot Sheet - Pink 1 pc   You will need a mat that’s made with a soft material, is water-resistant and dries up quickly. And this mat fits the bill. What happens is that when your baby wets the bed, he or she will feel uncomfortable, become cranky or even cry. Worse, if you leave your baby on normal, cotton bed sheets that are wet for long, he or she can fall sick. To avoid all this, use these baby mats, and wash them properly later with a disinfectant.


Baby wipes

Often, when your baby wets the bed, you are required to wash him and change his clothes on time, to keep him comfortable and hygienic. But, it’s not always possible that you wash him ten times a day, is it? In this case, wet tissues come in handy. Now, you don’t want to use the tissues that adults use. A set of good quality baby wipes will do the job, given the skin-friendly ingredients and moisturising properties in them. What’s more, when you step out to travel, go to someone else’s place, or commute (even for half an hour), these tissues will be very useful, as you can wipe clean his body, keep the area smelling fresh, without the need of washing with water.

Formula milk powder

If you’re a working woman, or having trouble with feeding your baby, you will be suggested to use these healthy milk powders, so that your baby’s growth isn’t hindered in any way. With the help of this powder, you can prepare a bottle of milk instantly, without having to worry about any pasteurised milk. The best part is that these are fortified milk powders that are nutritious and boost his mental and physical health.

Diaper rash cream

Many a times, babies get rashes because of reasons like excess use of diapers or when you don’t change wet diapers on time, or just when his skin is irritated. A diaper rash cream is crucial for such red rashes, as it will moisturise the affected area and heal it. You have to understand that babies have sensitive skin, and a painful rash can cause them more tears. And you certainly don’t want to see your baby crying for hours.


Tip: A diaper rash cream soothes rashes, as it will moisturise the affected area and heal it.



When your baby is six months old, he will need to be fed different types of food so that he gets to adjust to various tastes and textures. Cereals top the list when it comes to baby food items. These are healthy and can be made in no time. But, look for healthier versions of cereals in the market or online, as there can be preservatives and artificial flavourings inside them. You can also try new flavours by adding veggies to the bowl of cereal.


Okay, you will be getting lots of free suggestions from experienced parents, and one of them is feeding fruits to your baby. Now, the best way to feed a particular fruit is by mashing it. Fruits like apples are really healthy and nutritious and should be fed regularly to the little ones. You don’t have to use the entire fruit in one go. So, always stock up on these natural goodies so that you can provide a wholesome diet to your infant or toddler.

Massage oil

When you massage your baby with natural oils like olive and almond oil, you also improve his skin health and make his bones stronger. From grandmothers to high-profile doctors, everyone will suggest you massage your baby regularly, at least twice a day. What’s more, his skin’s complexion will improve and the skin texture will get a natural glow as well. For best results, go for olive or almond oil which is filled with nutrients like vitamin E, which is great for skin as well as hair. So, never run off it, if you don’t want to miss these skin benefits for your child.

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Antiseptic liquid

Apart from getting skin-friendly clothes and chemical-free detergents for your baby, it’s important that you disinfect the water that you use to wash your baby’s clothes. This will make sure that all the harmful bacteria and germs are killed and your baby gets to wear clean, germ-free clothes. Adults get used to normal water, but the babies being small, need extra protection as they’re very sensitive to things and their skin can react too. For a safe wash, always dip the kids’ clothing items, especially the cotton nappies.

Talcum powder

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial for you to keep the baby’s bottom dry, as this will prevent redness or rashes. With wet wipes, one gets to wipe off the skin clean but when you apply a powder, you can be assured that the baby is in his happy mood again. Look for skin-friendly ingredients that don’t harm the baby’s health. So, pick one of a reliable brand. But, make sure he is not inhaling these talcum powders, as it’s not good for the lungs.


Lastly, here’s the one thing you cannot miss out on, no matter what! When they’re small, your child will only eat, play and… well, you got our point. To keep him clean and hygienic, keep a huge stock of diapers at home, and carry a few wherever you go. Most parents buy diapers in big quantities so that they can get good deals as well.


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