A peak into Jacqueline Fernandez’s fitness and diet routine

Her secret to looking like a million bucks...

When Jacqueline Fernandez swayed to ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ and showed off her ‘hard-not-to flaunt’ body, many of us who were fighting this eternal battle of the bulge, were awestruck. Today, she is all set for the release of her movie ‘A Gentleman’ and is looking her gorgeous best. As a health-conscious actress, the stunner is an inspiration to many of us to love our body and follow an exercise regime that works. But the big question is, what is Jacqueline Fernandez’s fitness regime? Here’s a sneak-peek into her routine and her secret to looking like a million bucks.

Interesting info:

The perfect combination of body, zest, and allure, Jacqueline Fernandez admitted to Times of India in an interview that she was skinny at first. It was only when she was participating in the Miss Sri Lanka beauty pageant that she joined a gym. Her fitness regime back then was a mix of treadmill, weights, and squats. It was only when Bollywood beckoned that she took fitness seriously, never missing on it. Little wonder then that this sporty pretty lady was recently appointed as India’s training ambassador for a global sportswear and fitness brand.

Military Discipline:

Discipline is the word that drives Jacqueline Fernandez. “Fitness disciplines mind, body and also your soul”, she once said to Indian Express.

Fencing It:

Not many of us are aware that Jacqueline Fernandez is a Fencing pro. Fencing is a combative sport that develops balance, speed, agility, and strength. She began training for it only when she signed Race 2 and today, she has mastered it. Her hard work and nonstop dedication not only earned her the body she is proud of but also won her tons of fans. No wonder people look up to her for enthusiasm!

Yet it is not just fencing. From accomplishing more than 150 smooth squats, achieving mastering over Sirshasana and doing splits like a ballerina, she pushes us to do more by making it look so simple and easy.

No Extremes:

Jacqueline Fernandez follows a routine that’s comfortable for her body. That means, no extreme diets and no extreme workouts. She makes sure that her day begins at 7 am in the morning, not earlier. After a relaxed, unhurried morning, the actress works out for an hour experimenting with personal styles. At the gym, she prefers light weights.

The stunner believes in flexible workouts routines, which is why she loves designing her own eclectic fitness routines and has fun working out on it. While she enjoys Pilates and Yoga, the actress who showed her skills in the film ‘Kick’ is not a fan of kickboxing. Motivating her along the way is music which she concedes is a must while exercising.

Gaga Over Yoga:

Yoga is more than just Suryanamaskar. She trains under a celebrity instructor and her routine includes a lot more.

Happy Dieting:

Eating healthy is a must. Though she takes her wheatgrass shots, her detox routine includes warm water, lime and lots of veggies and fruits which are all part of her balanced diet.

Making sure to gulp down a protein shake after her workouts, the beauty approaches her diet in an intelligent way by dividing meals into three portions – carbohydrates, beans proteins and stir-fried vegetables, a mix of rice.

Being a chef herself, Jacqueline makes ‘nutri-balls’ which are a combination of dry fruits, nuts, and seeds rolled together into a ball. Whenever she feels hungry while travelling, she digs into one of these nutritious treats. Apart from this, she also excels in baking. Sharing her diet routine with Indian Express, she tells us that baking delicious homemade bread is her passion which she enjoys with banana jam. Yummy!

The good part is there is space for a little indulgence in her diet as well. The actress admits that she’s not too strict with her diet and she does cheat. Smart cheating, please. Every once in a while, she takes a bite of the delectable chocolate bar or tasty pizza. But she’s not too lenient either. The star believes in choosing greens, oranges, purple, yellow, and fruits over junk food.          

Not many know that Jacqueline Fernandez owns a fine-dining restaurant, Kaema Sutra. As you may have guessed, it offers a healthy spread. It is not surprising therefore that Jacqueline is the ambassador for the various prestigious brand. In addition to being a role model to staying healthy, she also advocates home remedies, beauty and fitness tips with her fans.

How to Cheat:

Want to cheat? On your diet? Then learn it from the expert. Jacqueline admits that even when she cheats on her diet, she cheats healthily. For example, if she binges on pizza, she will choose the complete route: She will take the trouble of choosing the restaurant she wants to go to.  Once there she will choose the pizza crust, the vegetable and everything else that goes on the pizza.  She endorses that a piece of cake will cause no harm, but advises us to walk it off. These are not only smart ways of staying fit but easy too.

Here are a few fitness mantras Jacqueline would like to share with her readers

  • Do exercises that build your stamina (cardio), flexibility (Yoga), and strength (weights). Weights also help to tone muscles.
  • Drink a lot of water. Two cups of herbal or green tea are always welcome.
  • Do not skip carbs. But don’t binge on them either.
  • Proper diet, beauty sleep, and love yourself.

A tip for the ladies: She urges us to learn and love your body. Understand all its fitness needs. And if you don’t feel the need for it, she tells us not to stress.

Thank God! Phew!

Info source: Times of India, Indian Express, Vogue.in 

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