12 secrets to a smaller waist

Did you know? Research shows that people who eat nuts twice a week are less likely to gain weight in the middle than those who don’t.

Not everybody is luckily to have a tiny waist. Many have to work towards it. As a matter of fact, even the genetically blessed ones need to be mindful of their lifestyle habits. So how do you get that enviable waist? Believe it or not, it requires more than doing stomach crunches and exercises every day.

Here are 11 ways to get a smaller waist…

Fresho Watermelon

Don’t starve: Ironically, when you starve, your body goes into a mode where it stops burning calories. So, by the end of it, it will be counterproductive and you will not lose weight. Begin your day with watermelon in whatever form you like. This ‘wow’ fruit has an amino acid called ‘arginine’ which is known to pull down body fat and push up lean muscle mass. You can also have pineapple which contains the enzyme ‘bromelain’ that aids in protein breakdown and reduces bloating.

Eat every two hours: What we are suggesting here is to enjoy a smaller portions more often. This way, you will not get hungry and not binge and overload the digestive system. You will feel energetic and will soon see a significant difference on your waistline. Eating every two hours or so will decrease any chances of you being lured by mouth-watering pastries and pizzas.

Modify your diet: We are talking healthy changes. Dump all the junk food for cheat days. Instead consume fruits, veggies, sprouts.

Add healthy nuts and berries to your afternoon snack: Berries are great fat-fighting foods. Studies have shown that they stop fat cells from getting bigger. Go nutty too. Research shows that people who eat nuts twice a week are less likely to gain weight in the middle than those who don’t.

bb Royal Green Tea – Tulsi

Have your green tea: Green tea is packed with ‘catechins’, an antioxidant known to reduce tummy fat. Along with gulping down cups of this wonder, also drink ginger tea. Ginger calms your intestines and reduces bloating and is also an excellent remedy for gas. You can take ginger by grating it and having it with your green tea, or you can boil small pieces of the root in water to make your adrak ki chai. Another option is to have pudina as it also combats bloating. You can add the leaves to your tea.

Reduce your intake of food that causes bloating: Limit your intake of foods that cause you bloating as it causes a huge belly bulge. Observe your body after you eat a particular food, does it make your tummy pop out? Then reduce the amount of it.

Pani, pani, pani: Yes, drink more water. It helps us distinguish between genuine hunger and the urge to binge. Water is great for health and ideal when you are trying to get a small waist. It also makes us feel full and limits our tendency to overeat. Caution needs to be applied if you have any tendency towards water retention.

Fresho Papaya

Eat More Potassium-Rich Foods: High potassium foods like bananas, papaya, avocados, mango, and yogurt have several bloat-reducing advantages. This is because potassium is a natural diuretic that helps reduce water retention and puffiness.

A big no-no to alcohol and aerated drinks: No, we are not joy busters, but alcohol is not tummy friendly. It will make you stack up the fat you will gorge when drinking. Aerated beverages contain gas, leading to bloating and weight gain.

Exercise:  Exercise is the perfect solution for a patli kamar. Slimmer and trimmer waist will depend on how hard you are willing to work out. Regular cardio, stomach crunches, etc will be helpful.

Remember, not to get over excited and strain or injure yourself. Increase the intensity of your exercises gradually. Also, build up your chest and shape up those shoulders. They give your body the figure which we all crave for.

Pineapple which contains the enzyme ‘bromelain’ that aids in protein breakdown and reduces bloating.

Wear clothes should work for you: Another fail-safe method for an hour glass figure is to wear clothes that make your waist seem smaller. Fabrics, patterns, designs, all go a long way to help you flaunt your golden middle. Always choose belly-friendly clothes and fabrics. Opt for natural fabrics that slide down your waist.

Sleep Early: Sleeping early has numerous benefits. One of them is that you are less likely to feel tired and overeat. Getting less sleep can amp up the levels of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ which increases fat retention around one’s waist. So early to bed and early to rise…
So, draw up a regular exercise and diet routine. Get that beauty sleep which will give you a flaunt worthy waist. Now go figure…

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