5 simple but effective beauty resolutions for 2018

It is just the beginning of 2018. This is the good time to review and re-evaluate all your habits and set new goals for the forthcoming days. Having beauty resolutions is fun and a great way of investing in your skin. Here are few simple ones which can be easily adopted for this year.

Clean makeup tools at regular and short intervals

Wash makeup brushes, sponges, compact puffs once in every week. Although you need not wait for one entire week to clean your makeup application tools, it is suggested you do so at least during the weekends. Sooner the cleaning and shorter the intervals, the better. This ensures hygiene and keeps away the breakouts that might come due to germs and dirt.

Gracefully embrace more and more face oils

Oils have the power to hydrate and moisturise skin in the right way. They are best suited for all types of skin, yes, those with oily skin too. What’s more, oils can also help keep away those wrinkles for a longer time. You can opt for natural wonders such as olive oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil.

Use it before bedtime or if have oily and sensitive skin, 5 minutes before a bath. By the end of it your skin will be soft, nourished and glowing.

Never miss sunscreen

This is a mandatory skincare step to be followed every day. But most of us have the tendency to skip wearing sunscreen because we are in a hurry to blend the makeup foundation.

Sun protection has to be a part of our routine. Buy a product that leaves you natural after application and also does not clog our pores. You can opt for something like Kaya Sunscreen Lotion – Daily Use SPF 30 which not only offers the sun protection you need but also keeps the skin nourished and hydrated for long. Lakme Sun Expert Lotion can be thought of for daily use as well as it comes with lemongrass and cucumber extracts which lend a radiant glow.

Throw away mascara wand and tube 3 months after opening

How many of us are strictly sticking to the 3 months expiry period when it comes to newly opened mascara tube? Though it still feels fresh and new, there is every chance it is contaminated and you cannot risk your eyes.

So, keep a track of the exact date when you opened the seal and first applied your new mascara.

Buy beauty products smartly

For a person concerned with skin care, hair care, makeup, personal hygiene; buying and trying new products is always fun. But what you won’t realize is that the drawers are filled with half-empty tubs, bottles and tubes. The collection increases at regular short intervals. In the excitement of using new products, old ones are forgotten and soon left behind in the drawers. Make sure to use products until the bottom is scrapped.

Wishing you a happy New Year filled with laughter and beauty!

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