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Foods to help you sleep better

Have trouble sleeping from time to time? Believe it or not, including the right food product in your diet can help. Here are some secrets to ‘sweet dreams’…

Your warm glass of milk:

It is no wonder that our grandmothers insisted on us drinking up our warm glass of doodh before going to bed! A front-runner on the list of food which promotes good sleep is milk. It contains serotonin, a derivative of amino acid tryptophan which relaxes the brain. Tryptophan is important as it triggers sleep-generating melatonin.

Hummus and all that is cheesy:

Hummus is yet another good source of tryptophan.  Food such as cheese and yoghurt contain calcium that enhances the absorption of tryptophan by the brain. Calcium also helps in reducing stress. What’s more, these types of food play a great role in calming the muscle.  Others food products like leafy veggies, cheese, yoghurt and such help to get a good sleep.


Take your shopping bag and throw in a pack of almonds. It is rich in magnesium, a mineral that induces a good slumber. This wonder also helps relax muscles and maintain a sustained blood sugar level while you are dozing. Try this as a bedtime snack and go zzzzz.


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Walnuts are also a good source of tryptophan which as mentioned before produces hormones that regulate your waking – sleeping phase. These hormones are serotonin and melatonin cycles. So, chill and rest.


Remember how you get sleepy after a wholesome rice meal in the afternoon? A research conducted in Japan backs this too where it was found out that consuming rice has been linked to better sleep. Plus, white rice is easy to digest. Though those suffering from diabetes or other medical conditions can check with their doctor before consuming it at night.


This is truly a perfect meal for this weather. Take your warm bowl of soup and cosy up in your bed.  Just one word, it is best that you go for a vegetable soup. This eases the extra pressure on the digestive system which would otherwise have to work doubly to absorb food.


Have your high-stress levels come in the way of a good night sleep?  Try eating a banana. The potassium in this fruit is believed to relieve one’s tensions. Plus, the magnesium relaxes the muscle. Moreover, the carbohydrates in the banana which will further help you get a sound sleep.

Cherry on top:

Research on the subject of foods inducing a good sleep has indicated that drinking up cherry juice increases melatonin levels. Aah, sleep… 

Whole wheat cereal and carbs:

Did you know that your favourite breakfast cereal can be an excellent dinner option? No, but now you know. It is a sleep inducer.  Plus, the warm milk that you will add to it promotes a peaceful snooze that you will love to hit the pillow.  This is because it is an awesome combo of carbs and milk.  Cereal has a high glycemic index, which lessens the time you will take to snore.  However, as it increases the blood sugar and insulin levels, consult your doctor before you make cereals your dinner.

Root vegetables:

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet, carrots, turnips and such veggies contain magnesium which helps to relax the nervous system and reduce your stress. Potassium in these veggies lowers blood pressure and calms the body. Root veggies are complex carbohydrates, which produce serotonin and lowers stress. Eat them in winter for warmth.


Shrimp and lobster: Crustaceans like shrimps, lobsters contain a lot of tryptophan which is good to provide good sleep.


Honey allows tryptophan to enter the brain more easily so enjoy a spoonful for a restful sleep.

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Take to any of these natural remedies to see results.

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