Post-party skin care tips

It is not just you who are exhausted after a heavy-duty party season, your skin is tired too. The marathon of different makeup looks has left little space for the skin to breathe and stay natural. Further, the late nights, drinking and eating junk would have only added to the damage.

To get back on the beauty track, here are some skin care tips.

Cleanse quickly and deeply

In the past few days, have you crashed into your bed with makeup sweat and grime? Going to bed without cleansing can be bad for the skin, even just one time.

Keep products like Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover handy all the time to remove all the colours you used to enhance your look. A facial oil like Vedaearth can help deep clean any remaining impurities. Follow with a gentle face wash to lather away sweat and oily grime. Your skin will certainly thank you.


Drinking lots of water is the starting point and the secret to keeping your skin healthy and preventing damage.

As with any celebration, the latest party season also would have had a big share of sugary drinks and food. All this would have affected your skin, dehydrating it and making it look dull and lifeless. The best way to keep the skin moisturized and glowing is to drink water.

Face pack

To restore the natural glow and undo the irritation caused by all the back to back makeup, you should pamper your skin and body. Prepare and apply homemade face pack – it hardly takes few minutes to care. Naturally made face packs are a great combination of exfoliation, nourishment and moisturizing. This is a must after partying so hard.

Stick to sunscreen/moisturizer and stay minimal with makeup

A good sunscreen prevents further damage to the skin as it will negate the harmful effects of UV rays. A moisturiser is one of the best ways you can keep your skin soft and supple. Nivea has a range of soft and light moisturizers with original formula that restores skin’s suppleness.

More importantly, avoid heavy makeup base and eye makeup. Instead, use mild products and stay minimal for the following days of partying.

Follow these after party skin care routine and get ready for the next party.

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