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10 Healthy sweet options

Who can compete with the gluttonous yearning for mouthwatering, finger licking delicacies? What can beat that heavenly bite into a yummy, sinful dessert that is constantly luring you?

Don’t worry, as you continue with your greed for sweets, we put a little twist there. Here is what you can do to make your sweetmeat tasty and healthy.


When you think of mithai what comes first to your mind? Kaju katli of course. Resisting this classic delicacy is impossible so we have yet another option for you. But have you tried dry fruit date katli?  Dates are good for you in a healthy way and they are naturally sweet. While you sink your teeth into one of these healthy mithai, you can leave guilt aside. Enjoy.


Yet another excellent alternative to healthy sweet is to replace sugar with gur or jaggery. Besides being an ideal source of energy, it is known to boost immunity. In short, it has a whole lot of health benefits that will make you race for it. Chikki made of peanuts and jaggery is ideal when it comes to taking care of that sweet tooth and is good for you. You can even get them in form of small ladoos. If you find them hard to bite into, break them into smaller pieces and enjoy them.

Honey– Honeyed flakes

Take a bowl of crispy corn flakes, wheat flakes of any variety.  Pour natural honey over it. Enjoy. Crunch and sweet it will become your absolute favourite.

Cheeni kum and gur zyaada

If you don’t want to give up adding sugar in your morning cuppa of tea, go for jaggery instead. The variety made from date palm (nolen gur) and sap of a nariyal is a great. It has many vitamins and micro-nutrients that boosts immunity and prevents respiratory ailments like cold, cough and the like. It is a natural sweetener so go for it.

Rossogulla instead of gulab jamun:

Another popular delicacy in jaggery is rossogulla, the Bengali type. Ditch the gulab jamuns. With the jamuns deep fried in oil and dipped in sugary syrup, it is a no-no for weight watchers. Made from homemade chena, these rossogullas offer the goodness of protein and calcium as they are made of milk.

 Dark chocolates:

If you are one of us who dig chocolates and are crazy about them, we suggest you feast on dark chocolates with above 70% cocoa powder.  With doctors too giving it thumbs up, it is a healthier option than milk chocolates. Go dark, go happy.


Yet another great option to use as sweeteners is anjeer. Anjeer barfi and other mithai are as popular these days as the regular one. Fig, as we all know, offers us many health benefits which we must grab. So anjeer it is.


A great way to use raisins is to wash and boil them in water to get sweet raisin syrup that you can use.  Soaked raisin is easier to munch and totally enjoyable when you want a sweet kick. Black raisins are healthier than brown one, though both are as good and better than sugar.

Candied apricots:

Wash, dried and baked, apricots make a healthy munchy eat too.  With a sprinkle of brown sugar, the tangy and sweet apricot can be perfect for a healthier sweet option. To this tray you can add, apples, peaches, strawberries, infused with sucrose, they make a perfect 6 pm snack too.


Have you tried caramelized bananas? The fragrance of the sweet bananas is not just irresistible waking you up from your slumber, it is also healthy. Try it and then tell us.

Here is a top ten healthy sweet option. Now you can enjoy your sweet guilt free and healthy all the way.

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