Celeb Makeup Inspiration – Shraddha Kapoor’s Dewy Look 

Everybody can’t help but fall in love with Shraddha Kapoor. Sweet, adorable and classy, her dressing and makeup are always on point. We especially love this look of hers (as flaunted on Instagram) as it reaffirms the beauty of a simple and understated makeup. Here, we break down the starlet’s fresh and youthful look…


The overall look

Shraddha has kept a simple appearance in this picture. Her eye makeup and lips are in sync and overall makeup clean. It is best for days when you want to look presentable as well as polished without putting in too much of an effort in the morning. The winged eyeliner is the main attraction as it defines her eyes beautifully! Her lips have been filled with a pink hue that lends a youthful look. The messy hair gives it again a casual feel, making it perfect for a casual day out with friends or college look for every day.

Breaking it down step by step:

Facial mist to set the tone right

To start off with, clean the face thoroughly with a cleanser and then spritz on some facial mist to hydrate the skin. Next, once your face has soaked in all the facial mist, it’s time for you to start preparing for the makeup. If you really want to achieve that dewy fresh look, it is always best to go for the ‘7-skin method’ toning procedure that the Koreans have established! It might seem overwhelming in the first instance, but the results are just phenomenal! The only issue here is the time constraint, but, if you have enough time go for the 7-skin method toning procedure that will make your skin hydrated and plump.

Moisturise for that enviable glow

Apply a moisturiser that is suited for your skin and wait for it to get absorbed. Two minutes would suffice. Use a primer that has a dewy finish. This will not only increase the duration of the makeup but will also ensure that you there is no issue of creasing.

The base makeup

For this kind of look, a heavy foundation is not required. Use a BB cream or a medium coverage foundation that matches your skin tone and blend with a makeup sponge. This will give a natural finish. Makeup sponges help in achieving that natural look because they even out the foundation and also allow the skin to peep through the makeup. If your eyes look dull, use a concealer to cover up those areas and set it with a powder. Once the base is all done, the next process here is to set it with a loose powder.

Slight contouring

Here, there has not been much of a contouring but a slight one can give a definition to the overall makeup. Use a cream contouring product for areas of the face such as under the cheeks, jawline and forehead. Don’t forget to blend it seamlessly.

Highlight right

Dust some highlighting powder onto the tip of the nose, cheeks and the chin to get an illuminated look. Use a fan brush and light hand while doing so as if you overdo this step, it shall make you look like a disco ball! Fill in the eyebrows slightly with an eyebrow powder to frame the face. Start with the end of the brow and gradually decrease its intensity when reaching the start of the brow. This is to achieve a natural look as filling it too tight gives an artificial look to the brows.

Create magic with the eyes

Next, draw a winged tip with a black eyeliner to give intensity to the eye. To draw, start with a flick at the edge of the eye. Then from that end draw inwards. Fill in the area with eyeliner to give a rich look. The more you deepen the width of the liner, the more dramatic it becomes.

The perfect lips

Line the lips with a pink lip liner carefully after you have applied a lip balm. Always scrub away the dead skin cells on the lips before applying any matte lip products. This will ensure that the lip products stay on without any flacking. Now on top of this, apply a matte pink lip colour. The shade offers a youthful look and compliments the overall makeup.

Finish off with a setting spray

Now that we have precisely done all the makeup, we also need to ensure that your effort doesn’t go in vain. To set all, you will need a makeup setting spray with a dewy finish. Reason being, it will instantly give a fresh and awake look to the face.

And voila! We have achieved the dewy and fresh Shraddha Kapoor makeup look!

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