8 Ways to care for your hair when you are on a vacation

Don’t we all wish to have great hair days no matter where we go? The truth of the matter is that there is no magical potion that can make your tresses totally apt for every occasion. You need to put some effort to make it look healthy and voluminous. But it is well worth it when you see the end results in your travel pics! Here are some simple ways to take care of your hair while on a vacation.

Nourish your hair

Preparing your hair for the vacation is a crucial step as the climate of the destination may not match to where you are staying. This sudden change can lead to dryness. To avoid such unwanted situations, it is best to deeply nourish your mane before the trip. The best bet is to go for a good hair mask as it can intensively replenish the hair from roots to tips in a healthy manner. You can opt for a good one available in the market. If you wish, you can also apply a DIY pack of egg white, banana and aloe vera gel for 45 minutes to infuse life into your precious tresses.

Take your supplies

By now, you must be well aware of what suits your hair and what does not. It is always safer to stick to your regular shampoos and conditioners and carry them along in small packs. Don’t ditch them for the hotel products as you may not know how they will react to your mane. The one thing you would have to keep in mind though is the climate of the place. Say, if it is a hilly region, you would have to pack a conditioning product that tends to dry hair whereas if it is a beach area, opt for something that addresses humidity and frizz.

Don’t forget to comb

Combing is a great process as it distributes the scalp’s natural oils, circulates the blood and boosts hair growth. And while you might want to skip it in your excitement of the holiday, we would suggest that it is worth spending those extra minutes. After all, you would want to sport luscious hair in your pics, wouldn’t you? You can keep a travel size comb with you that can easily be tucked away in the handbag.

Use hair serum

Serums are great! They work wonders in detangling and act as a barrier between the hair and atmosphere. The product protects the mane from sun, dust and other pollutants that may affect its quality. Not to mention the sheen it provides! In the process, the product also helps lessen hair fall. Carry a travel sized one and apply while stepping out.

Light oil massage

Oiling is that process which anchors the roots of the hair to the scalp and gives it an enviable lustre. You can skip the oiling for a few days, but then after that, your hair will cry for some nourishment! A 10 minutes massage can totally rejuvenate the scalp as well as hair. Use something light like baby oil that can be easily washed off during your trip.

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Scarf it

Yes, keeping a scarf with you can be a great aid during vacations. While going out the sun, use one to cover your head so that the rays can’t damage your tresses. Overexposure to heat can cause harm and lead to hair fall too. This scarf will also protect from the harsh air-conditioners that some airports have. So, don’t forget to carry this!

Rock the bun hairstyle

This is a quick and simple hairstyle that requires very little time or effort! Plus, it is chic and can be adorned no matter what condition your tresses are in. The USP of the bun is that it minimizes hair damage for the more it is exposed to the atmosphere, the more harm is caused. It will also keep frizziness at bay.

Keep heating tools to the minimum

Vacations are for relaxing and having some good memorable times with your friends and family. You don’t have to look super polished like you do in an office meeting. You can ditch your heating tools and give your tresses some rest. Using heating tools along with a change in weather can be negative to your hair. Yes, you may use it if that is inevitable, but in every other case leave your mane the natural way it is!

Follow these simple steps, you can have a happy vacation and happy hair days during it!

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