Dudheshwar, the milky white short grain rice

Greatly admired for its low cooking time, Dudheshwar rice is another favourite amongst the Bengalis after Gobindobhog. This variant gets its name from the colour of its grain which resembles pure dazzling milk. Falling in the category of heirloom rice, the grains are slim and small in size and have a texture that is extremely soft and supple. More on this staple…


This rice is cultivated in the Sundarbans as well as different parts of Bengal. It is sown during the monsoons and harvested later during the winters. Grown with natural techniques, it does not require the use of toxic pesticides or fertilizers for its cultivation, thus ensuring healthy and sumptuous intake of food.

Setting it apart

Dudheshwar is a short grain rice. When cooked, this squat and plump variant becomes soft and tender and sticks together. The unique fact about this staple is that though it does not release any fragrance, it is tasteful. This makes it a preferred choice for many.

Substituting this rice for a particular recipe can get a slightly different outcome than what is intended. Most recipes call for a specific size to get that perfect texture once cooked. Some dishes simply work best with this variant rice, while others thrive on a chewier or sticky short-grain.

Nutritional value

The rice is considered a whole grain, which makes it beneficial and healthy. It is helpful in weight loss and the level of energy increases based on consumption.

Nutritional Information per 100 gm


370 Kcal


77.2 gm


0.8 mg

Dietary Fiber


2.9 g


7.9 gm


0.4 mg




23.0 mg


333.0 mg


223.0 mg

Source: Organicgarden.co.in

Cooking time and the method

Although there is no particular way of cooking Dudheshwar rice, owing to its size, we can follow the standard process of cooking as given below:



Quantity in gm

1 cup or 240 ml


1.5 cups (360 ml)

Cooking Time

15 mins


Cooked rice with a yield of 3 cups or 720 ml

Source: Thenibble.com

Recipes with Dudheshwar rice

The most common dish that is cooked using this authentic rice is the Potato Pulao. In Bengal, this heirloom variant is used to prepare kheer on special occasions. The grain also travels all the way from East to South for the preparation of the South Indian comfort food, idli. It is added during the soaking phase before the batter is blended and steamed.

This rice is known to have a low glycemic index (GI), which indicates that it can be consumed by diabetic patients as well. However, it is best to consult with your doctor first.

So, go ahead and enjoy every bit of this heirloom variety!

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