Presenting the flavourful rice of Gujarat – Jeerasar

An exotic rice variant from Gujarat, Jeerasar Rice Gujarat 17, also known as Jirasar Rice and Jeerasar Samba, has captured the admiration of its region’s households. Reason being, its savoury flavour, rich taste and long shelf life. Here, we dig deeper into what makes this variant stand apart.

Setting it apart

Jeerasar Rice is considered aromatic, flavoursome and healthy. With its distinctive flavour, it lends itself to Indian as well as Western dishes. This variant also comes with the advantage of being cost effective.


As it is high yielding, this grain is widely harvested in Gujarat. It is usually done so with organic fertilizers and quality seeds in hygienic conditions.


Some of its main features are…

  • Savoury flavour
  • Gets digested easily
  • Rich in taste
  • Has a longer shelf life
  • Nutritive goodness

Best in the following preparations: 

Jeerasar Rice Gujarat 17 is mainly used for festive as well as regular preparation. Below are the mouth-watering dishes which can be prepared:

Steamed rice
All sorts of Pulao

Healthy Goodness

Jeerasar Rice Gujarat 17 is known to be a healthy variant of rice and has a relatively low glycemic index. However, if you suffer from any health ailment, it is always best to check with your doctor first.

Cooking time, Method and Variants

Although there are varieties in cooking Jeerasar Rice Gujarat 17, dishes take about 20 minutes to cook. This duration is for any standard dish. However, depending on the preparation, it might take longer.


18 months 3 mm

Long length with 6 mm

Cooking ratio will be 1.3 water Soft in texture Free flow More yield
1 year 3 mm

Long length with 6 mm

Cooking ratio will be 1.2.75 water Soft in texture Free flow 2.5 times yield
6 months 3 mm

Short length

Cooking ratio will be 1.2.5 water Not much soft in texture No free flow 2 times yield
New rice 3 mm

No length

Cooking ratio will be 1.2 water More soft Sticky No yield

Source: Ricepedia Org

Nutrition Chart

Below is are the nutrition facts…

Calories 205 kcal
Protein 7.20 gm
Carbohydrates 15%
Sugar 0.08 gm
Total Fat 1%
Trans fat 0.122 gm
Saturated Fat 0.12 gm
Cholesterol 0%
Dietary Fiber 2%
Sodium 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 11%
Trans Fat content is not more than 0.122 gm

Saturated Fat content is not more than 1%

Source: Verywell Fit

The starch content is high in Jeerasar Rice. It provides energy to the body and helps in enhancing the functioning of the heart, liver, cerebrum, liver, kidneys. However, protein and fundamental amino acids in this variant are in a marginal amount. Also, it lacks in fibre. Therefore, it is best to supplement it with greens, nuts, filaments and other goodness for a complete meal. The low substance of cholesterol and sodium (refer to the above table) is believed to lessen the odds of getting heart issues to an extent.

Prepare sumptuous meals with this Gujrati delight for a tasty and aromatic experience!

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