Get beautiful hands and feet with these expert tips

Imagine seeing somebody with a pretty face and flawless skin and then you look down at their hands and feet to see them chipped, cracked and uncared for. Does not paint a pretty picture, does it? While most of us take extra care for the face, the latter is often neglected. To ensure that you have gorgeous hands and feet too, we have got onboard Sargam Dhawan, Director, Paul Penders who dishes out some expert advice…

Your face must be glowing despite the sweltering heat, but it looks odd when it has a different colour from your hands and feet. They can get dark and tanned due to the continuous exposure of harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution, dust, and no cleansing and exfoliation. Here is what you can do…

Don’t forget your gloves and socks

You should try to cover your hands and feet every time you are planning to go out. This will not only protect them from harmful UV rays but also keep them hydrated. Plus, your feet will remain free of unwelcome smells. This can be a game-changing tip for fairer feet and hands.

The rule of exfoliating

Exfoliating at least twice a week helps in getting rid of dead skin or particles that tend to accumulate on the skin. It removes those particles making it soft and lovely. Don’t abandon your elbows. There are many good scrubs available in the market, but you can also make an effective one by mixing olive or coconut oil with coffee grinds, oats and sugar.

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What food you should avoid eating?

There are numerous food items that you can avoid stopping your feet from swelling. Stay away from packed and highly salted food. Too much sugar in beverages, drinks and food can also be problematic.

Moisturise your hands and feet

Coat your hands and legs with lotion to get the shimmer on. This will not only make them glow, but also keep them hydrated. Find the best lotion that suits your skin type as moisturising is the key. It will help in achieving soft and glowing hands and feet.

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Application of sunscreen

Before getting your body exposed to the sun rays always keep in mind to apply a sunscreen. Along with your face, other parts of the body can also get tanned when exposed. So, it’s always a better idea to take the necessary precautions.

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Pedicure and manicure

During dry and rusty climate heels crack easily. The best way to get them fixed immediately is to get pedicure and manicure done. You can visit a salon which can provide professional help. This is the process of keeping your hands and feet nourished, soft and smooth.

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Home remedies for glowing hands and feet

Below are some home remedies that can help

  • In a tub of lukewarm water, add some salt and Vaseline and dip your feet for about 30 minutes and then clean it with a pumice stone or a heel brush.
  • Mix gram flour, tbsp of milk and few lemon drops and make a thick paste. Apply it to your hands and feet.

Keep this tips in mind and notice a visible difference!

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  1. i have lots of tanning on my hands. which cream will you recommend for to remove tanning

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