7 Tips to nail a shimmery festive look

Have you ever been captivated by celebrities for their glam glowing skin? Chances are, that’s the effect of shimmer makeup. It is perhaps the most common open secret to get that superstar radiance, one that’ll make an exceptionally stunning festival look. Having said that, this look needs caution. The right amount can make you look fresh while too much of it can land up hurting the eyes of the beholder. 

For this very reason, we suggest some easy-to-follow tips that can help you nail the shimmering makeup look.

Tip 1: Adjust the amount of moisturiser

By now you must be aware of the importance of setting the right base to build on. This moisture content of the skin will help melt the base makeup and, in turn, enable the product to blend well and give you that natural and dewy finish. This especially holds true if you want to perfect the shimmer look. 

Herein lies the trick though, too much moisture will render an orangish oxidized finish whereas too little of it will give you a cakey effect. Hence it is important to adjust the amount you apply. One trick is to use the amount of one almond size and massage your skin well with it. 

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Tip 2: Strobe cream before foundation

One of the secrets to celebrity-like glam looks is the use of strobe products. For a striking dewy look, use a little strobe cream before foundation. You can mix it with moisturiser or primer. Once the makeup item sets on its own, start the foundation routine. You can see the instant change in your whole look! 

Tip 3: Don’t leave the rest of the body

Many of us apply shimmer makeup to the face only. It makes the exposed parts of the body look bare and unnatural. So, next time you decide to do a gorgeous shimmer makeup, dazzle some sparkles on your collarbones, forearm, high parts of your shoulder. It will take your makeup look to the next level!

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Tip 4: Ditch powder, trust blotting

If you get oily easily, you might be used to setting your makeup with lots of powder. It clings to the cream, liquid concealers, and foundations and prevents creasing. The only issue is that powder also mattifies the dewy effects.

To cater to this issue, ditch the former and take a single ply of face tissue and blot off the excess makeup and oils from the skin. It will make your makeup set without creating an unnecessary matte effect. Do the same at the time of touch-up as well!

Tip 5: Setting spray before highlighting

The job of any setting spray is to melt the makeup products to induce a natural finish and increased stay time. But while doing shimmer makeup different rules apply as we aim to make the highlighters stand out. Using this item then will land up doing the opposite. So, set the entire makeup first with setting spray and add the highlighter on top of it. The makeup product will cling to the setting spray but still look glittery!

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Tip 6: Shift to cream products

Cream-based foundation, highlighters, blushes, and contour products inherently provide shimmery effects without giving you a disco-ball look. That is why many makeup artists trust only cream products. Buy good quality cream-based makeup that does not clog pores and has a hypo-allergenic formula. It will go a long way in creating different looks.

Tip 7: Choose the highlighter as per your undertone

Choosing the correct shade of highlighter is extremely important for a perfectly balanced shimmer look. Unicorn ones look beautiful in the palette, but they often give an unnatural look when applied to the face. If you are neutral undertoned, you can opt for a rose gold shimmer. Golden or bronze highlighters are best for warm undertones whereas pearl, pink or silver-toned highlighters will complement cool undertones.

Take your pick from a gold, silver or peach highlighter.

Bonus Tip: Use the right tools

Tools play the main game to how a makeup look turns out. Stippling brushes and beauty sponges are best for creating a dewy base for shimmer makeup as flat brushes often give a painted look and streaky finish. You can use fan brushes or fluffy tapered soft brushes for applying powder highlighters.

And lastly, do not forget the beauty blenders for cream blushes and highlighters.

Pay heed to these tips and enjoy flaunting an enviable shimmer makeup! 

-By Shalini Srivastava 

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