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Know your supplements – “To maximize the effects, right intake is the most vital aspect” Dr Sanjay Makharia

Well, aren’t we all looking around constantly for hooks and nooks to keep ourselves healthy and in shape? Wait, stop the search right there. It’s really time to know the type of dietary supplements you consume. When an irregular and uncertain diet schedule causes the opposite of what you want, we come in and help show you the right direction. Any product that is considered to be a dietary supplement is nothing but good food.

Well, we have looped in Dr Sanjay Makharia, working as a family physician in Bangur Nagar locality in Malad, Mumbai for the past 18 years and previously worked at the Vivanta Hospital in Malad West, to enlighten us on the kind of supplements to intake for different body types.

For Muscular Body Type

Understand, excess of anything is bad. Especially here, in case you have a muscular body type. Excessive supplement intake can reverse the acting cycle and immensely cause side effects to your body that you have built with sweat and game.

Are you a person who enjoys gaining calories, then the right kind of supplement for you is protein. Getting enough protein is right, excessive is bad. Some people struggle to engage with protein-rich foods but if you really care enough to celebrate your muscular body in day-to-day life, consume food rich in proteins in right balance and quantity.

Our Picks

GoodDiet Protein Bar

Enriched with fibres and vital carbs, this bar is a must to be added to your arsenal that makes it a complete workout solution. The bar is free from any added preservatives and contains premium quality USDA certified whey protein isolate, milk protein, berries/nuts, almond butter and honey.

P.S. It comes in various flavours.

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Dabur Chyawanprash

Grandma’s secret weapon since ages makes a perfect fit for those wanting to stay muscular and fit. Trusted with over 45 trusted Ayurvedic ingredients, this product contains all the necessary ingredients making it a safe and preferred nutritional supplement.

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For Gaining Muscular Body

Without a second thought, you can add on gaining muscles in best of your health simply by eating right and lifting the right kind of weight. But to understand your growth potential, supplements come in demand. Now the question is which ones to opt for?

Time and again, proteins are the very right kind of supplement. There is a range of proteins you can opt for. Secondly, proper exercise game is needed. Here beta-alanine comes handy and works the right fit.

Mass-gain supplements that are worth your money is very important. Dr Sanjay Makharia picks branched chain amino acids, creatine, glutamine, high-molecular weight carbs and ZMA products.

Dr Sanjay Makharia says, “To maximize the effects, right intake is the most vital aspect.”

Our Picks

Inlife Supplement – Muscle Mass Gainer

This supplement is considered to be a powerhouse for you in assisting your desirable physique. Inlife is mixed with elements that serve a great deal in boosting muscle mass and helps you stay in perfect shape. This scientifically superior product is crafted for bodybuilders and athletes to make their workout results even more effective and powerful.

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For Lean Body Type

On the contrary, you can also be one of those who are lean and looking out to consume the right kind of supplement. Before we take this down, you ought to know that your body type though might look appealing and attractive but, is it in the right way?

Here are a few comes-in-hand supplements that you should go for to suffice your body:

Fish Oil

Most interesting, loved and consumed. If you are a pure vegetarian, it’s alright, we do have other supplements for you. But for the rest, do go for it, you will not regret. Opt for high-quality fish oil and it’s definitely worth your penny.


You can take advantage of vital nutrients you need from a diet rich in leafy greens, but if your diet is lacking in any case, a greens powder comes handy. Again, these come with the least side effects.

Vitamin D

You know this well. Any supplement you go for, do not miss on opting vitamin D. Widely used, accepted and taken.

Our expert, Dr Sanjay Makharia also suggests egg proteins.

Our Picks

Oleev Smart – Enriched with Vitamin A, D, E & K

A great supplement to achieve and maintain your lean body, this supplement is a multi-source healthy oil with a special Vitafit formula, comprising of Vitamins A, D, E & K along with Oryzanol & Omega Fatty Acids. Rich in Vitamin D which helps in bone and muscle strength, Oleev Smart is a great choice for a healthy lifestyle.

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Green Vegetables

It is believed that vegetables are to be just as important as protein for overall health and muscle building. For those trying to build muscles and lose fat, leafy vegetables serve as a great help as they are packed with antioxidants.

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Dr. Sanjay Makharia quotes, “One should continue to have natural proteins, especially vegetable sourced proteins, like sprouts, egg-proteins and pulses in their daily regime.”

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