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Quick tips to look presentable for an office call

Life has been turned upside down for most of us as we live in these unprecedented times. There are many faces to the lockdown today as we struggle with day-to-day activities while trying to continue to work online. Though we are sitting at home, our schedules have become more chaotic than tangled cables.

So here we come with quick tips to look presentable for an office call for people who need to show up at the strangest hours of the day.

Get that instant glow on your face

Get clean with this green

While you make your cuppa for the day, you will get more out of life if you go Green; make two cups of green tea – one for your soul and the other for a face rinse. The astringent property of green tea makes it a fantastic toner for your skin and will help take off the grease from your face with just a rinse.

Ice ice baby

Katrina Kaif shared her secret for a glowing face in the morning on the Internet. She suggests, you fill a big bowl with cold water and drop 10-12 ice cubes in it. Lower your face into the ice-cold water for a few seconds and repeat for an instant fresh glowing face.

Work on your sleepy puffy eyes

Tea bags to the rescue

Used tea bags are a bonus from your cuppa! You can place the tea bags on your eyes for a couple of minutes and feel the magic happen. It will reduce the puffiness around the eyes and make you look fresher than splashing it with just plain old water.

Spoon those eye bags

Another one for tired eyes is cold spoons. Pop two spoon into your freezer for a few minutes and place them on your eyes. This trick works faster than cucumber slices on the eyes as it reduces the morning inflammation and puffiness.

Bring in the caffeine rush

An undereye caffeine infused eye cream can also do wonders in helping your eyes get ready for more screen time. If you are a lucky owner of one, then just go ahead and roll on some generously and get a more awake look in no time.

You can also make a quick blend of coffee powder and aloe vera or even coffee powder and honey into a paste and apply it under your eyes. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off and pat them dry. It’s more refreshing than you think.

Tip: You can always use the brewed decoction powder rather than the fresh coffee powder.

Get some natural colour in your face and volume in your hair

I like to move it move it!

This might sound a little too far-fetched, but we all know how exercise can bring about a blush on the cheeks. When we exert ourselves physically, the blood gets circulating at hyper speed. So, get up, turn on your favourite song and do a little jiggle or dance.

Jumping jacks to get a natural blush?

Now we are talking! A few push ups or lying upside down using wall support or just try touching your toes sitting down or standing up, they all get your blood rushing immediately.

You can try another version of this crazy tip by bending down so that your hair flips upside down. While you massage your head to get the roots to revive blood flow and give a great volume, the blood rushes to the head to giving you a vibrant blush on your face. Try this for a few seconds and check out that beauty looking back at you in the mirror.

So, trust us, this unconventional advice might make you look like a superstar any time of the day rather than a comatose workaholic.

Makeup check? Use basic cosmetics


Are you aware that castor oil, almond oil and coconut oil based kajal can reduce inflammation and lubricate dry eyes? Well, if you want more screen time then this kajal is a great product to have in your kitty. One swipe and the killer eyes are ready to do their job. If you don’t have them, you can always pick up your favourite kajal to add that oomph.


Yes, One-minute Makeup is a real thing! All you need is a highlighter or bronzer. Get your inner Picasso to work, ladies!


A simple lip balm can go a long way during these video calls too. A little colour in your cheeks and a swipe on your lips will not only get you by but will wake up your colleagues too! A drop of coconut oil or ghee also instantly hydrates and brings shine to your lips.

Also, be aware of the colour of your clothes as black is not your best friend when you are tired. You better pick up a colour that accentuates your skin tone and see how bright and fresh you appear. In your PJs? Just roll on a nice scarf or a jacket. Don’t forget to keep it by your pillows before you doze off.

Now let’s talk hair!

Our tresses need some TLC too to get that “all-here” look at this horrendous hour. But don’t you worry; we have got you covered.

Get those stray and baby hairs out of the way

Dab coconut oil with a cotton bud or pad on the edge of your hairline and comb them into place.

Add a little moisture and shine to bed hair

A good hair cream or a serum is the way to go. Focus on applying it to the lower half of your hair and gently massage it till it soaks in.

Don’t have any products within reach? Try out these quick hairstyles.

Tame the frizz

You can just heat up your straightener and straighten focusing on uneven hair and comb it gently to reduce the frizz.

Half top knot

Simple and funky! Split your hair into half by sectioning them horizontally. Roll the above half and tie it up or use a clip to keep the hair in place. Comb the lower half gently and leave it loose.

Top messy bun

Roll up all your hair on top of your head and pin it up or tie it up with a band.

Ponytails never let you down

Go for a pulled high ponytail for straight hair. Opt for a midway loose pony for wavy or curly hair. Comb and let your bangs or fringes loose to complete the look.

Scarves and headbands to the rescue

Cute and colourful look to bring in some cheer. Wear a ponytail or leave your hair down and adorn it with a band of your choice. You can pull all your hair back or wear the band on parted hair as well. You can also opt for a nice scarf to tie your hair or use it as a headband. Go on and tie up a bow if you like.

Keep some water, beverages and chocolates to sip or snack on before you take that call. They bring in some freshness and colour to your face and also helps to keep you going during long calls.

No matter what time of the day you have calls or meetings, with these tips we wish you go ahead and nail it in style!

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