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Infused water for health and beauty

I don’t have enough time! A more than a common phrase we often use and hear. To plan your personal health/ fitness calendar, there is never enough time, is there? Or are you one of those who find reasons to convince themselves to give up? While there are many ways one can detox, stay healthy and keep a tab on your fitness, there is a simpler way to do it as well. Call it “Infused Water”.

Infused water or detox water is nothing but brewing your choice of fruits, veggies and herbs in normal (room temperature) or cold water. It has become a trending beverage for fitness enthusiasts, detoxing, people wanting to lose weight and also to enhance one’s skin. During summer, it definitely can be a lifesaver to keep you hale and hydrated. You sure would have heard the term infused water or detox water but did you know it has immense health and beauty benefits? 

Let us throw some light on the whats, whys and hows that are springing up in your mind.

What goodies does infused water offer?

It’s homemade, sugarless, preservative-free and best of all you can bring in your own flavours to suit your tastebuds. Infused water carry natural ingredients, carry a good source of nutrients, known to boost immunity and can be easily prepared. 

A healthy quencher

The blend of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies soaked in water can be a perfect drink to beat the heat for you and your family. Get a good dose of vitamins and minerals to boost your mood. Yes, you heard me right, infused water can help enhance your mood and overcome feeling lethargic.

Detoxing made tasty and easy

A variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs are known for their properties to remove toxins from your body. You can handpick one or two, add in fruit or herb to bring out some taste and immerse them in pitcher or bottle of water. Sip on it on an empty stomach in the morning or after a workout and let it take its effect on you. They flush unnecessary toxins out and also provide your body with a good amount of nutrients. Go for herbs as base ingredients to achieve this.

Lose a few pounds

Spreading like wildfire, the lemon, honey and water drink is not just opted by the young but also the elder generation. A few blends of infused water is known to increase metabolism, curb hunger and aid digestion, thus helping one drop a few pounds. As they carry no sugar or fat, they aid in maintaining weight as well. Do keep in mind that they are not an alternative for your regular meals. They can be consumed as a beverage or a supplement for unhealthy snacking. Citrus fruits, green tea and honey are few of the popular sources to help you in weight loss.

Boost immunity

The right mix of ingredients is sure to pick up your immunity and get your health on track. Pick the greens and berries to achieve this. They carry immense nutrients to aid in uplifting one’s immunity.

Clear and glowing skin

Water itself is known to enhance one’s skin when consumed regularly and in the right quantity. Infused water welcomes more benefits as its not just plain water. While most of our skincare products claim to contain the essence of fruits, vegetables and herbs which drive us to try them out, why not consume them in a more natural way to gain similar or even better results? Pick the right ingredients and sip on its water to achieve clear and glowing skin.

How do you prepare and store it?

Pick your blends and flavours, add them in regular or cold water and brew them in a pitcher, jug or water bottle for 3 – 4 hours. If you wish for a more enhanced taste, you can leave them overnight up to 12 hours. Take a minimum of 1 litre of water and douse your pick of ingredients in them. There is nothing as too much when it comes to the ratio. 

If you wish to infuse a larger quantity of water, it’s better to keep it refrigerated. It can be stored for a solid 3 days, give or take based on your consumption. We do advise you not to extend it more than that. If you feel the elements still have some essence left, you can add in a day more and utilise the infused water to its complete extent. But if you feel the fruit, herb or vegetable has gone bad, we recommend you discard the water immediately. When it comes to consuming room temperature infused water, it is better to drink it up within 24 hours as it might go stale.

Tip: If you prefer to consume little by little and wish to store it for longer, you can freeze the water using an ice tray or a popsicle mould. Infused water turned candy can be more fun.

Note: You can consume the ingredients if they are in good condition once you are done with the water but they may not have any taste.

How often can it be consumed?

It all comes down to the purpose of why you are consuming infused water. Losing weight can be achieved with infused but it will be a slow process. Talk to your trainer or dietician if you have a set goal in mind and get in tips to plan the perfect calendar to achieve it. If you are detoxing, then you should keep in mind to not overstep as you may fall sick. A glass every morning and a glass in the evening should do the trick. Alternate your detox drink with other infused waters to add some nutrients in your body. You can also intake them regularly to boost your immunity as well.

Note: We recommend you consult your dietician if you plan on consuming infused water for weight loss or a hardcore detox.

Few recipes to try

Watermelon, lime and mint

Apart from giving a subtly sweet and minty taste, this drink can help you detox. Lime and mint, popular for their refreshing effect aid in flushing out waste from your body. While watermelon balances with bringing in some vitamins and minerals to your body as well as build immunity.

Strawberry and kiwi

A flavourful drink which works wonders on your body. They contain a good amount of antioxidants that aid in boosting immunity, cleansing your body and enhancing your mood. Strawberry contains malic acid which is a natural teeth whitening agent. They pack vitamins that aid in keeping your heart healthy. 

Guava and passion fruit 

Bring in a good dose of antioxidants and vitamins with these fruits. They are known to help your heart, lift your mood, beat fatigue and have anti-ageing benefits. This mix will sure be tasty and hydrating bringing a soothing effect during summer.

Cinnamon and apple

A match made in heaven. The flavours complement each other to soothe your mind and soul. Sipping on this infused water helps in reducing headache when working long hours. It calms you down and keeps you active. This water also aids digestion. Cinnamon acts a wakeup call, while a sweet-sour flavour of apple lifts your spirits. You can also drink it before going out as it fights mouth odour and keeps your breath smelling good.

Pomegranate and blueberry

Let’s bring in some immunity to keep free radicals at bay. This power couple will get your taste buds singing and your body swinging. They rejuvenate your body internally and externally. Rich in antioxidants and flavonols, pomegranate and blueberry aid in enhancing brain functions. This infused water also helps in building immunity and detoxing.

Coconut, basil seeds and pineapple 

A tropical twist! Feel the beach sitting where you are with this infused water. This combo detoxes your body and fills it with a good dose of vitamins. They are known to uplift your mood and get you going. Basil seeds help keep your body hydrated and cool. A unique flavourful drink to sip with your family and friends.

Do not overdo it

As the saying goes “Too much is too bad”, always keep on mind to provide your body with what is necessary and not overstuff it, as you may fall sick.

Few side effects that are known to occur when you have reached your intake limit or overusing it are:

  • Bloated stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Acidity
  • Losing appetite
  • Unexpected weight drop

Infused water can be a good way to keep up a healthy habit. Be it as a relaxing drink, for slimming down, detoxing or other benefits, this quick and simple way is something anyone can follow. Go on and get sipping! 

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