Why is sustainable beauty the talk of the town?

From the past half-decade, the words ‘clean beauty’, ‘green beauty’ and most commonly ‘sustainable beauty’ got lots of attention. People suddenly started focusing on ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘100% herbal.’ To some, sustainable beauty is shifting to an organic genre of personal care products leaving the chemical-based alternatives. Is sustainable beauty really limited to that? Unlike any coming and going beauty trend, sustainable beauty is a matter of consciousness, whose roots go far beyond the adaptation of organic or plant derived products in your life. It covers every individual’s choices, beauty brands’ awareness, their policies and many other environmental restoration aspects that nobody talks about. Let’s take a short trip to the land of sustainable beauty.

Sustainable Beauty – What is it?

In plain words, sustainability means, live and let live. As we live our lives fulfilling our needs, we have to exploit certain resources of mother nature. Some of these resources get depleted, like minerals as we use them and some stay on like sunlight. As we burn the resources, we not only reduce them but create some unwanted waste materials that harm us and our planet. Sustainability urges us not to use non-renewable resources in excess so that the world remains liveable to the generations to come.

In our little makeup and beauty world, the practice of sustainability holds extreme potency. Sustainable beauty means making and using beauty products that are non-toxic, both skin and environment friendly and do not involve any unethical and cruel means for manufacturing. Sustainable beauty products create less waste and are easy to recycle. The brands which make them follow ethical policies such as corporate social responsibility towards environmental issues and people who work for them.

Why should we embrace Sustainable Beauty?

There is no denying that sustainable beauty is the future of our world. Unless we welcome it with open arms, the adverse effects will trigger much more harmful effects on earth than we have imagined. To understand its impact on beauty and makeup, let us take the example of sheet masks. The outer packaging of the mask is definitely a plastic waste that we all are aware of. But the cellulose-plastic hybrid sheet of the mask is harmful as it takes years and years to degrade and causes soil and water pollution. Let us take a look at why we should quickly shift to sustainable beauty.

It is good for us, the consumers

The non-toxic and skin-safe nature of sustainable beauty products is always a good choice for daily use. They do not come with quick actions all the time like their chemical counterparts, but they do not harm the skin and our overall health in the long run as well. Sustainable beauty products speak for the practice of transparency in ingredients and their sources which, in turn, helps the users to understand their products better.

It is good for Mother Earth and all her children

The more we use non-sustainable beauty products, the more we harm our nature by creating tons and tons of waste in the form of waste plastic, chemical by-products from commercial manufacturing units etc. Sustainable beauty always believes in recycling, which is a great thing for waste management, wildlife safety by banning cruel testing practices and preservation of flora and fauna on earth.

It is humanitarian for the workers in the beauty industry

Those who work for the beauty products manufacturing units must expose themselves in a harmful chemical-filled environment. The sustenance in beauty involves voicing their grievances to large conglomerates and works towards fair-wage policies.

Sustainable Beauty – Brands In Focus

Not only the consumers but also the suppliers of beauty or the beauty brands hold a very crucial position when it comes to sustainable beauty. Unless they make non-toxic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free products, how will the common people implement sustainability in their lives? Here are some popular beauty brands who get the front row for supporting sustainable beauty.

Organic Harvest

Organic Harvest makes plant-based beauty products free from harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Their products are organic, safe to use and parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, PABA free. Do try the amazing face wash range and shea butter lip bomb range from this EcoCert, OneCert, and Nature certified brand.

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Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is a praiseworthy name among the luxury ayurvedic beauty brands. Based on the formulations of ancient Indian Ayurveda, this brand makes luscious skincare and hair care products along with fragrances. The tonic mists and ubtans are the star products from Forest Essentials.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is perhaps the most socially active beauty brand that works hand in hand with the root level workers and also to come up with ethical beauty products. Their community trade system and recycled packaging network make them stand out in the crowd. Their Tea tree range is one of the best skincare range for oily acne-prone skin.

Soul Tree

Following authentic ayurvedic recipes, Soul Tree offers certified natural skin and hair care products that are good for us in the long run. This brand supports farmers who harvest ayurvedic herbs. Their Nourishing hair oil and Triphala shampoo are a must for Ayurveda lovers.


Mamaearth is a “Made Safe” and cruelty-free certified brand that makes some of the best skin and hair care products. The mild and dermatologically tested formulas get a high five from us. Their onion infused haircare range is a must for those with hair fall issues.

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Sustainable Beauty Brands Around the Globe

Love, Beauty & Planet

The personal care giant Unilever has now decided to cut back on the environmental impacts of their manufacturing practices with their new brand Love, Beauty & Planet. Do try the Lavender range from this certified cruelty-free and eco-friendly brand.

Tata Harper

Starting from the raw materials to the manufacturing process, the inks used in the product labels to the 100% recycled packaging, Tata Harper shows a new way in sustainable beauty. Their Purifying Cleanser is a must-try!


Being a proud maker of world-famous bath bombs, shampoo bars and lip scrubs, Lush believes in recycling the packaging. You can even buy Lush products without packaging for a better environment!

Sustainable beauty is not just a term of elegance anymore. It is the present and future of beauty, beauty enthusiasts, beauty brands and to the world of ours. Time has come to support sustainable beauty in the form of products or brands that use cruelty-free, non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients and pay attention to the recycling process and transparency in business policies. Sustainability is the one and only way our ecosystem can flourish today, tomorrow and forever.

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