Try these 5 intricate braids to look chic this season

Braids are the safest and most versatile hairstyles. Unlike many intricate hairstyles, they do not tug or pull your hair to cause damage in the long run. Plain braid, french braid, dutch braid, fishtail braid, bubble braid – the options are never-ending in braid styles. Whatever maybe your hair length, texture or thickness there is always something for you to try your hands at. This is perhaps the reason why braid styles never fall out of the trends chart. Braids are often the escape route for second or third-day hair. They are also a great way to keep your hair safe from environmental damages, sun exposure or even pillow-friction. Here are our top favourite intricate braid hairstyles for every occasion! 

Basket Weaver Braid

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True to its name, this weaver braid creates Turkish basket patterns in your hair. If you have shoulder length to mid-length hair, this unique style will look fabulous. Pair this hair look with traditional or fusion attire, and you’ll be the talk of the town for sure. You can even accessorise it with flowers to add a little oomph.  


To get this hairstyle, twist the crown hair like a basic half-up half-down manner. Secure them with pins. Start the weaver pattern just below the pins. The braid should move from left to right or vice versa. Secure the ends with a tie and decorate with flowers if you like. 

Rosy Braids with Wavefall Back-locks

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Gone are the days when people crushed over mohawk boxer braids. If you still hold a soft corner for parallel boxer braids, you need to pump in some uniqueness to it. This super-simple rose-in-the-crown braid style is one of the many ways to do so. Other than those pixie cut babes, this style will suit every length of hair. You can even do this on your own hair; it’s that simple!  


Divide the crown hair into 5-7 parallel sections and make sleek boxer braids out of them. Do plain braid on the end parts of each braid and roll them in the crown of your head. Tease the buns a little to give them rose-bun look. Take a few thin sections of hair from the open hair on the back and create simple three-strand braids out of them. Now, take another small section from the side of each braid and pass this open section through the braid in a zig-zag manner. Voila! Your hairstyle is ready! 

Floral Halo Braid

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As promises here is the halo braid from today’s Facebook Live session for the Academy members @kristinagasperasacademy This time I was showing how to create a fuller braid using small sections of clip in hair extensions. If you are a bridal hairstylist and not yet a member you can join our Online Academy via the link in bio. All the previous live sessions are saved and available to be researched at your leisure. #braids #curls #hairinspo #bridalhairstylist #weddinghair #wedding #bridalhair #bride #hair #halobraid #weddingday #hairstyle #bridalmakeup #updo #hairstylist #hairstyles #weddinginspo #instahair #hairgoals #braid #plait #weddinghairstylist #hairdo #weddinghairstyle #weddinghairstyles #bridalhairstyle #upstyle #bridalhair #tutor #tutorial #hairaccesories @viviembellishbridal

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About halo cut-crease, halo fabric prints and halo face look, everyone is aware of, but halo braiding style has just made its debut this season. The unique thing with halo braid is, it creates an illusion of having voluminous hair with sleek sections of hair-extensions. That’s the reason why you’ll see this braid on bridal or cocktail hairstyles where we need to create a fuller-looking hairstyle.  


To create a perfect halo braided bun, work up some messy loose curls. Start a sidewise messy french braid. Add in the clip hair extensions in between so that the extensions stay hidden in your own curls. Fluff up the crown hair with hair extensions and create a basic chignon bun in a messy style. Decorate with hair accessories or fresh flowers. 

Elsa-inspired Messy Princess Braid

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If you are a die-hard fan of the Disney movie Frozen, you might remember that the protagonist Elsa gave us a solid inspiration on braid hairstyles. Among all her braid looks, messy princess braid has been much loved. With a little practice, you can easily recreate this look for your upcoming event. This is a great mehndi or sangeet look for brides and obviously the bridesmaids.  


Tease and back-comb the hair to get extreme volume on your hair. Start a two-strand basic fishtail braid keeping the crown of your head free to accessorise with flowers or other hair clips. Stop the braid after 4-5 knots and tease up the braid again. Set the hair with a strong-hold spray of mousse; otherwise, the hair might go frizzy after some time. 

Diagonal Knotted Bubble Braid

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Diagonal back braids look quite intricate on their own. The elegance takes a certain leap if you add up the best of bubble braids. This style looks so gorgeous that you won’t need any other accessories to decorate it. This insta-worthy hairstyle looks best on long or extra-long hair.   


Comb your hair with a side parting. Take two sections of hair from the front and divide each of them into 3 sections. Two of the sections should be thicker, and the third section needs to be thin. Make plain three-strand braids with the thin section. Now, start a waterfall braid with the thicker sections. On each turn, use the braided section to create a middle-knot in the waterfall. The hairstyle should look like a knotted bubble braid from the back. You can also add some thin wave braids to make it look more elegant.

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