Quick makeup-check products to carry on a date

A romantic date with your loved one creates lots of swoon-worthy memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Dates not only bring two hearts together but also let you find common interests. Every girl wants her date experiences to be perfect, but perfection does not come without efforts. Makeup plays a significant part in our overall look. Long-staying makeup that survives the entire time is the key to a perfect date makeup. As we all know, makeup wears off pretty easily. Who wants smudged panda eyes or worn-off lipstick in her date night? Unless you are fully prepared for timely touch-ups, your makeup is bound to take the wrong direction. Stock up these goodies in your purse to get quick touch-ups during your date and enjoy your date night to the fullest!

Face Tissue

Whenever you step out of the house, keep a few plies of dry face tissues in your handbag. These plain soft tissues are a true multipurpose product. You can use these to blot off excess oil from the face without ruining the base makeup. You can also use these to remove your worn-off lip colour or smudged eye shadow for a fresh application.

Rose Water or Toner Mist

This is the most recommended product for dry skin, girls. If your skin is extremely dehydrated, the uncanny dry patches start appearing here and there. You can easily tackle these situations if you have a small spray bottle filled with rose water or face mist ready at hand. Just spritz a little on the face and blot the excess with a dry tissue. Your face will feel instantly moisturized, and the makeup will stay in its place as well.

Compact or Powder Foundation


Here comes an essential makeup item for a perfect touch-up. Never miss your favourite compact or pressed powder when you step out of the house for a romantic date. Due to humidity, the skin produces more oil, and the t-zone starts to get oily within a few hours. Start your touch-up process by getting rid of excess oil using a dry tissue and then dab a little pressed powder. We suggest Maybelline Fit Me Powder Foundation because it offers increased coverage and cream to powder finish. Its mineral base instantly brightens the skin and adds a fresh vibe.


If you have intense dark circles or a freshly popped pimple, you can’t let it show through your precious date night makeup. You need to apply an ample amount of concealer to hide it. Heavy coverage concealers crease and erase easily. If this is the case for you, do carry a lightweight concealer like LA Girl HD Pro Matte concealer. The shade range is vast, and the blendable formula is super easy to touch-up. Gently push the product to the desired areas with fingertips, and your makeup will look fresh!


When we are discussing base products for touch-ups, we can’t leave blush behind. No soft date look is complete without a rosy blush. Blushes fade quite fast, so you have to carry it for touch-ups. Use blush kits as they last longer and prevent the cheeks from getting oily. You can also touch up your eye makeup with matte blush. Without a brush, you can’t apply blush and carrying a heavy blush brush does not seem practical. That’s why we love Lakme 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher. This compact blush kit comes with a brush, and it can also dupe your eyeshadow for a quick touch-up.

Long-wear Matte Lipstick

Be it a makeup-geek or a no-makeup person’s touch-up pouch, you will always find a lipstick. Lipsticks come in many formulas and finishes. But nothing can beat a long-wear matte lipstick when you are getting ready for a date. Liquid lipsticks too are quite long-staying, but they are hard to reapply. You need something that provides full colour and a proper matte finish and that too without the cracked-dry finish. Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer comes with such a stunning formula and a fabulous shade range. The stay time is pretty amazing too!

Setting spray

When you are out on a date, long-lasting makeup is what you need. A good quality setting spray will satiate this need of yours. Choose a setting spray according to your skin type and mist it on the face when you are setting your base. When you are done with your touch up, spray once again. This time use only a little amount of the product. Our all-time favourite is Loreal Infallible Pro Spray And Set Makeup Extender as it extends the life of your base makeup like nothing else!

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