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Different ways of savouring tuna in your diet

If you are a MasterChef nerd, you would be a huge fan of tuna already. This saltwater fish is a big favourite of home-cooks and experts for its texture and distinct flavour.

There are about eight types of tuna fish popularly used in Japan, European and Australian cuisines. Hot picks are steaks, salads, burgers and stir-fried with sauteed vegetables on the side. Versatile as it is, this fleshy treat has become a dear ingredient in many Asian dishes too.

So, for all of you pescatarian’s out there, we let you in the different ways you can savour this bounty of sea…

Disclaimer: This article in no way encourages vegans and vegetarians to turn into fish eaters. It merely touches upon the options to those who are already consuming tuna.

Benefits of tuna

Not just the taste, this fish is good for health too.

  • Loves your heart: What more can we say…tuna is a mighty fireball of heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids. It brings down the cholesterol and maintains good heart health.
  • A powerhouse of nutrients: This fish is filled with essential vitamins; a mineral-like iron, magnesium and is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A. Potassium helps to lower the BP while vitamin A concentration helps to keep your eyes in good health.
  • Improves immunity: Consuming essential minerals like manganese, selenium, zinc and such found in tuna gives a good boost to our immune system. Vitamin C gives it the extra power to fight illnesses we don’t want. Overall, it will also help bring down your cholesterol.
  • Helps maintain a glowing complexion: Want a shine on your twacha? Being rich in vitamins especially vitamin C, helps in giving our skin elasticity and a complexion you can flaunt.

Please Note: If you are suffering from any ailments, please consult with your doctor before incorporating this in your diet.

On your plate

Now that we have tickled your interest in this delicacy, come throw a glance at our suggested ways to include tuna in your diet. Healthy as it is, this will bring about a lot of good change in your health.

Pan-fry: au naturel

For those who are too lazy, you can have this jewel of the sea as it is. You just have to marinate it. It has natural fat that makes it easy to prep and cook. Roll them in sesame seeds and place in a hot pan on high heat. As they cook fast, panfry for just a few minutes. Add a few herbs like thyme, oregano (favourite of us Indians) and remove from the pan. Place the tuna on a plate. Sprinkle salt. Add a dollop of buttery creamy mashed potato. Toss in some cucumber, tomato salad on the side to give you the crunch. You don’t need anything else to make this dish heavenly. Enjoy!

Tuna steaks

Have you tried tuna steaks with a good drizzle of barbeque sauce and fresh vegetables? This is another option that you can consider. Buy tuna steaks and pan-fry for a minute on each side. Remove from heat and add any sauce of your choice. We have suggested barbeque but you can grab any to make this dish tasty. A dash of mustard of the side will give you the zest you want. Fresh veggies or coleslaw will make it a full meal.

5 pm snack: Tuna sandwich

If tuna is so healthy why not replace your oily samosa pav with tuna sandwiches? It is 5 pm and your tummy makes those familiar noises. What for tea-time snacks? Ditch the wada and samosa. Give your tummy a good healthy and hearty tuna sandwich instead. Load on the raw veggies to amp up the health factor.

Salads and entrees

Tuna salad, entrees, anyone? Of course, it is now a known fact that this fish is good for you. While the high-end dishes include a tuna platter in their party course, bring out the salad version and give your party a healthy twist. In the crunch of red radish, cherry tomato and ice lettuce, mix in a fistful of shredded tuna to give you salad the bite. Add some salt and drizzle in extra virgin olive oil. You can squeeze in some lemon juice. Bring out your yummy side dish.

Tuna Pasta

Pasta and more: Yep add tuna to your pasta. For once keep your meat aside and go for this chunky piece. Prepare a tasty and tangy tomato garlic gravy. Add full-fat milk to give it the required creaminess. Bubble and boil till your gravy is thick, with a sweet-sour flavour. Add tuna to this gravy. Grate cheese on top or add coriander if you so desire. Pick up the yummy dish and hide in a corner. You will hate to share this scrumptious dish with anyone

Tuna in Meen Curry and Malwani coconut gravy

Add tuna in any Indian curry you cook. The umami tastes of most of our Indian gravies bring out the best in this fish. Try Kerala style meen curry. Add your tuna to the gravy. Add tuna to your coconut Malwani curry. Make it a howler-hit!

Barbeque or grill

If you are one of those who hold barbeque parties on your terrace then barbeque tuna steaks will make you a cooking hero. Throw some steaks on your grill. Baste it with some sauce or butter. You can barbeque them as steak or cut them into bite sizes and cook them as kebabs. Delicious, they will be a favourite of your party for more reasons than one.

With this tuna treat lending itself to many varied dishes, you can dish out an innovative dish today itself. Go, try, even if you think within the box you will do great. Go tuna!

Yes, but…

If you are allergic to seafood ask your doctor before you dig into a tuna dish.

Tuna variety like bigeye, bluefin, yellowfin and such can be eaten raw too.  Yet before buying find out if it can be consumed raw like in sushi.

As the mercury level is higher in tuna than in any other fish, it should be eaten in moderation. For this very reason, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby avoid this dish.

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