Heart-healthy foods to incorporate into your diet

If your heart skips a beat on seeing your beloved it is cute, but if your heart skips a beat when with your cardiologist, it is not funny! In today’s digital age, cardiovascular ailments are becoming an increasingly common concern. If you only workout hoping for a healthy heart then you are mistaken. It is this magical pairing of diet and workout that will do the trick.

While you were on that treadmill, we drafted a list of foods that would make your heart sing and keep you safe.

Please note: If you are suffering from a heart condition or any other severe ailment, it is advisable to get a go-ahead from your doctor before you decide on your diet.


Pomegranate is believed to be the ‘jigri dost’ of your heart. This fruit is loaded with antioxidants and also contains anthocyanins and polyphenols that are heart-friendly. The fruit is fibrous and is known to prevent arteries from hardening. Have a bowl of anar seeds daily for a great heart health.

Whole grains

Whole grains such as dals, millets like ragi, wheat, barley, bajra, jowar, rajma should be made a part of your daily diet. Packed with vitamins and essential minerals, the whole grains provide fibre and are a good source of many antioxidants and mainly Vitamin E.


Flaxseed as we know it is good for our heart. The omega-3 in flaxseed helps reduce the bad cholesterol, high BP and inflammation. Packed with nutrients, this seed is also good for the heart. The best way to have flaxseed is by blitzing it into a rough powder form and having it. You can have it plain or mix it in curd, soup, or some such way.

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Fatty fish

Fatty fishes like bangada, tuna, sardines, and salmon make for awesome, wholesome heart-healthy kinds of seafood. The omega-3 fatty acids prevent plaque build-up in the arteries averting a heart attack. Therefore it is good for your heart.

Green leafy veggies

We all know by now that green leafy veggies are excellent for health and yes the heart. Being a great resource of fibre and essential nutrients, these greens are believed to reduce cancer as well. They are low in fat and good for you. Have in the form of soups, Sindhi sai bhaji, salad, fragrant methi bhaji…there are other various tasty ways to make these otherwise boring greens a big part of your daily meal.


Oats makes an excellent breakfast, is filling and healthy. It is known to reduce the cholesterol levels as it is rich in soluble fibre. A bowl of oat in the morning will keep you vibrant for long making your heart happy too.

Fruits and berries

Bite into an apple, or peel an orange, you know that fruits are good for you. Citrus fruits have an excellent amount of flavonoids and therefore known to reduce the risk of heart ailments. Quercetins in apples have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the formation of blood clots. You now are aware why an apple every day will keep your doctor at bay. Anthocyanins and other nutrients contained in blueberries are believed to bring down BP and dilate blood vessels thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.

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Tomatoes and Potatoes

Did you know that potato is good for your heart? The reason, it is high in fibre and rich in potassium, which can help lower the risk of heart diseases. Oh yes, deep-fried potatoes are a no-no.

Tomato, like the potato, is high in potassium. That is good news for your heart. Also, it is low in calories and is a blood purifier. It is a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant which is known to help reduce the bad cholesterol, keep the blood vessels dilated and bring down the risk of any heart attack. The vitamin K in our dear tomatoes helps to the prevention of hemorrhages.

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Olive Oil

Sauté tomatoes in a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle with some oregano before you sit down to enjoy it. Monounsaturated fats in olive oil make it very good for the heart. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on salad and eat guilt free. Oie, oie


A fist full of walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistas make an incredible heart friendly pack. Nuts contain vitamin E which lowers the cholesterol levels and the omega-3 fatty acids lower the risk of heart diseases. Crunchy, munchy and totally yum!

Dark Chocolates

Who does not love dark chocolates? Luckily everyone does. Flavonoids in dark chocolate help in reducing blood clot, blood pressure and are good for you. It also reduces inflammation making it a must eat. Go enjoy it dark. If you are diabetic, do consult your physician before biting into the delicious, luscious pieces of dark chocolate.

So dear readers, now you know how to keep your heart fit and fine.  Keep it beating right!

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