Summer hairstyles – cute pigtails and buns

Hello, sunshine! If love is in the air, it’s also in the hair. We’re talking about pigtails and buns. What’s not to love about this cutesy duo? They’re fun, modern, and as feminine as ever. Moreover, they make for the perfect summer style. So if you’re stuck in a hairstyle dilemma, don’t sweat. Because we’ve curated some super hairstyles for a fuss-free, fun-filled summer. From embellished braids to buns with a twist, we’ve got it all.

Trendy braids

You can’t go wrong with braids. They’re practical, pretty, and a style that has lasted the test of time. It’s also the perfect way to keep away the heat (off your neck especially) and they look incredible. No wonder then that braids are a go-to style to amp your fashion statement. That’s why, we’ve rounded up 4 easy-breezy braids to make your take your summer style, notches higher.

Fishtail braids

An iconic masterpiece, the Fishtail Braid is an eternal favourite. Be it fancy occasions or casual dos, you can’t go wrong with this hairdo. This trendy style involves intricately weaving together sections of the hair to give it a symmetrical effect, almost like the perfectly aligned scales of a fish’s tail. You can add a girly touch to your tresses by playing it up with glittering accessories like coloured ribbons, neon bobby pins, striking metallic hairclips, and embellished hairbands.

French braids

A timeless classic, this feminine style is an all-time favourite. This three-strand plait involves gathering three sections of hair together and braiding them from the head to the nape of the neck. Versatile and classy, this style is perfect for formal and casual dos. You can opt for a neat, non-fussy French braid, or leave wisps of hair framing your face for a soft romantic vibe.

Rope twisted braid

Super-easy and super-cute, Rope Twisted Braids spell summer like no other. Whether you want to lounge around sipping lemonade or have fun in the sun at the beach, this braid is your go-to. Simply put, it’s nothing but a series of twists. Yes, just twist two sections of your hair together, and you’re done. The trick is to twist them in the same direction, but cross them in the opposite directions. Embellish your hair with flowers and dainty accessories for that extra oomph.

Dutch braid

A dutch braid is a French Braid in reverse, because here, you cross the strands over, instead of under. Also known as the ‘Inside-out Braid’, this cutesy hairdo is a summer favourite. It creates a fabulous 3D effect, as your hair stands up, instead of lying flat. A more pronounced version of the French counterpart, this braid has a relaxed, easy vibe to it. Do up your hair with colourful accessories and look your coolest best this summer.

Fun buns

When in doubt, go for buns. They’re easy to create, effortless, and look extremely elegant. You can choose from an array of neck-grazing styles and create a smashing look in minutes. Messy, plaited, or slick-back, and a couple of pretty accessories, and this nonchalantly glamourous hairstyle can transform your hair like no other. Here are our 4 summer favourites you choose from to ace this season like a pro, without breaking into a sweat.

1. High buns

Classic and chic, the High Bun is timeless. Also known as the top knot, it is forever trending, that’s probably because it’s so versatile. Whatever your hair, this bun is for you. Long hair, short hair, wavy or straight, bangs or no bangs, this bun is high on style. It’s easy to achieve – wear your hair in a ponytail, twist it into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. It’s that easy! For extra hold, spritz it with hairspray, and it won’t budge all day.

2. Low buns

Elegant and stylish, the Low Bun has the power to command and hold attention. Although it looks ethnic, it is a classic charmer that will give your hair a diva-esque and irresistible edge. Full of feminity, this is easy to create – pull your hair up in a ponytail, twist it into a bun at the nape of your neck, and secure it with hairpins. If you want to flaunt an all-out traditional avataar, wear a gajra or a flower hairband around it.

3. Space buns

This cute yet edgy hairstyle is making a major comeback. A classic hairstyle of the 90s, it gets its name from Princess Leia’s iconic double hairstyle in the original Star Wars movie in the 1970s. It is also known as Puff Buns or Double Buns. These can be worn high up or low, on either side. This statement-making hairdo is quite the head-turner, as it oozes style and sassiness.

4. Side buns

Flirty and fun, the Side Bun flatters most women. It’s easy to create, fabulous and non-fussy. It works beautifully for galas or casuals outings alike. This classic is forever in demand, because of its spontaneity in fashion. You can create your own iterations by giving it a casually touselled style or pulling it in a neat, disciplined bun, either way, this bun will always keep on the right side of fashion.

So go get your summer vibe on with the coolest hairstyles ever. They won’t just leave you feeling lighter and cooler, but will instantly add the much-needed oomph to your style. Definitely a win-win! Beat the heat, set all-new summer trends, and raise the style bar. Happy summer!

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