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Menstrual Hygiene – Food for happy & healthy periods

The most significant process that a woman’s body undergoes is menstruation. With time, efforts have been made to ensure good menstrual hygiene. But women still face multifaceted challenges related to menstruation. In fact, a study by Business Standard stated that the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, shuttered businesses, closed borders, and many other factors had consequences for menstruating women among others.

Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated every year on May 28 to highlight the importance of maintaining hygiene while on periods. The theme for this year is ‘Action and investment in menstrual hygiene and health.’ When it comes to health, a good diet plays an important role in making sure that you get happy and healthy periods. Let’s dig in and look at certain food items which ensure you get comfortable periods.

Whole grains

Whole grains like oats and brown rice are rich in fiber that helps prevent constipation. Moreover, they also have antioxidants and are a great source of B vitamins. So, they make for a really good choice whenever you have periods. The best part is that these are among healthy foods that have multiple health benefits.

Make sure to have some!

Low-fat milk

Precisely speaking, dairy items like lassi or dahi are must-haves during periods. The calcium content present in them helps get rid of cramps. Moreover, having lassi also aids in hydrating your body. You can also opt for toned milk and buttermilk. However, avoid milk, cheese, and, and cream during this time.

Go ahead and take your pick!


Healthy proteins like chia seeds, flax seeds, salmon, nuts, and legumes are rich in omega-3 and phytonutrients. These delights help make up for blood loss in the body. Well, there is a reason why they are called the ‘healthy’ proteins, right?

Keep calm and have healthy proteins.

 Leafy vegetables

Make sure to have loads and loads of veggies during your periods, especially, the leafy greens. They are not only rich in fiber but also iron which, once again, makes up for blood loss in the body. Moreover, your body will be stress-free, thanks to the antioxidants present in the vegetables.

Happy munching!


A common name but full of health benefits – Yes, we are talking about fruits here. Make sure you have whole fruits instead of juices. That is because the lack of fiber and excess sugar present in the latter can cause bloating. However, certain other liquids like coconut water and lemon water will definitely provide the hydration you need.

So, go ahead and grab some.

Source: NDTV Food

Article by Swetlana Neog

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