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Sprout to get your diet right everyday

Fresh sprouts off the bowl

In continuation to our article on immunity-boosting food here is another perfect dish to be included in our diet, sprouts. What’s more, this delight also beat the sweltering heat that is hitting us now. So let’s go, sprouts.

The natural growth process of grains, beans, and pulses, sprouts makes for delicious and super healthy munchies. It augments its effectiveness thus adding adds loads of numerous essential nutrients they have a health-affirming amount of folate, phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin C and K. The natural germinating process is also known to up the protein content. Soak the moong dal, chana dal, millet, barley, kala chana, or anything you want overnight and you are good to go the next day.

Soaking it up

Rinse your choice of grains/legumes/beans. Then place them in a bowl filled with water. Make sure that the bowl is huge as the sprouts swell once they germinate. Similarly, ensure that there is more than enough water as the grains absorb some water while sprouting.

The next day they would have germinated with young shoots blossoming. Throw away any skin or debris.  If you want to germinate them more then wrap them in a muslin cloth for a day. With a nutty, alluring aroma these sprouts taste nice and different.

Germination is also the process of fermentation. It makes sprouts rich in bioflavonoids, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Add it to your daily meals.

Getting incredible mileage from sprouts

Having a bowl of sprouts adds to the nutritional value of your diet. Rekindle your interest by knowing that sprouts will alleviate your digestion concerns. Fresh sprouts have enzymes that prevent cancer. The antioxidants increase the chlorophyll activity which helps in cleansing the body by increasing the oxygen levels.

Other hidden greats about this master-blaster dish:

  • Builds our immunity
  • Boosts Digestion
  • Improves Blood circulation
  • Protects heart health, eye health
  • Reduces acidity
  • And happy to note, it triggers weight loss

Another interesting phenomenon is that soaking pulses for sprouting can help remove gas. Even a short while of soaking will do. It also decreases the cooking time.

Enjoy your chatpata salads, uspsal, sprouts curry, Sprout ka chilla, and many such delicacies.  If you cannot go out to buy your fresh sprouts, click on these bag basket links to buy them.

Bigbasket’s range of sprouts and more

Fresho Sprouts – Mixed Gram: Get your rich supply of proteins and vitamins. It has green moong, chavali, Kabuli channa making your salad tastier.

Fresho Sprouts – Mataki or moth beans common in the Indian Kitchen can be used to make an extremely refreshing dish.

Fresho Sprouts – Moong Green/Modache- Moog that makes for tasty 4 pm munchies. Bean sprouts with a high water content offer a crunchy and subtle nutty flavour.

And yes, sprouts can be a part of your meal. Be healthy, be strong, and live longer.

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