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7 smart ways to reuse green tea bags

What do you do with the green tea bags that you use? Before you say dispose of, we say wait! There are various ways you can reuse green tea bags and make environmentalists happy. Green tea is preferred as it contains lesser caffeine and is considered healthy. So, if you want to reuse them, we say there is a wise idea brewing.

However, we also recommend you do it at the soonest, immediately after the first use. And yes, after two dips and some sips, discard the tea bags.

Ever wondered if those green tea bags can be useful even after you have had your cuppa? Yes, they are! We are now going to share some amazing tips on other uses of the same. So, let’s get recycling.

A compost pile with green tea bags

This is just what your plants need. Make compost out of the tea bags to infuse the beneficial effects of green tea leaves. They are a good source of nitrogen-rich compounds, an organic material that makes your compost robust. But make sure you remove the metal staples or any plastic that may be there. Green tea also increases nutrient levels in the soil helping roots to thrive. You can scatter the tea bags around and shove the leaves into the soil or just water your plants with brewed tea.

More flavour to food

If you want the restaurant-like colour for your classic chole, just add tea. It will impart its dark hue and make the chole dish delectable. Similarly, reusing jasmine, lemon, or chamomile when cooking rice can give it that delicate Thai fragrance. You can do so when cooking pasta too. Cinnamon or peppermint flavoured green tea can lend its fragrance to dessert delicacies too. But remember, all used tea bags should be used at the earliest when reusing.

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Odourless fridge

A strong odour of spices can get into any dish or even milk making it distasteful. Keeping used tea bags in the fridge will leaving fresh air circulating inside and also help absorb the odour.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Wipe your mirrors down with used teabags before you use a dry cloth. Make sure that the tea bags are wet. The organic compounds present in them help to break down the dust and give you a squeaky-clean mirror.

Similarly, tea bags can be used to remove oiliness from dishes. Dip the dishes in warm water with green tea leaves bag for some time. The oiliness will come off easily and give your dish a mirror effect.

A soothing refreshment for tired eyes

Refrigerate the used tea bags for a few minutes before keeping them in your eyes. They should be damp, not wet. It will cool your eyes, reduce dark circles, and improve blood circulation around the eye. Likewise, treat minor injuries as the antioxidants in tea bags are known to heal the wound faster.

Tea is a natural product. If it is wet, bacteria thrive, especially after its use. So use it fast and it throw away.

Aromatherapy with green tea

If you want a foot soak, throw in a couple of used peppermint, lavender, or chamomile tea bags in hot water. Dip your feet in and let the enticing aromas help you relax.

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Girnar Green Tea – Detox or Desi Kahwa

Mixed with the right herbs and spices. So, enjoy this tea with a touch of herbs and spices it promises to tingle your senses.

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A little caution:

  • Do not reuse tea bags more than once or twice. If you are not reusing them right away, keep them in water before putting them in the refrigerator. The tea bags should remain wet.
  • Dryness can cause mould to grow on teabags.
  • Remove unpleasant scents by scrub your hands with used teabags
  • Let fragrance float through your home as you take dried tea bags, add a few drops of essential oil, and leave them in corners.

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