Boost your health with these vitamin D foods

The pandemic has made the importance of vitamin D known to us. A vital fat-soluble vitamin, it helps in the absorption of calcium. The duo together (vitamin D and calcium) builds stronger bones, prevents osteoporosis and the loss of bone density. This important nutrient also plays a major role in immune response and stalls obesity, cancer, fatigue, and diabetes.

Get the basic requirement!

Basking in the morning sun or early evening soft sunrays is best the way to benefit from this nutrient. Wear light clothes and don’t wear sunscreen. Avoid staying out too long as you may get sunburns. And, of course, follow the COVID-19 protocols!

Let’s talk FOOD

As it is not naturally present in many foods, here is our list to help you choose your source to get your share of Vitamin D.

The best sources include organ meat like liver, egg yolk, fatty fish, and fish oils. Fortified foods like cereals, milk, yogurt, branded wheat flour, and such lend their ‘D’ strength from this vitamin to you. Moreover, the fish lovers can enjoy their hilsa, mackerel, salmon, and tuna for the same.

As for vegetarians, they can have mushrooms and cod liver oil. Fortify mushrooms by leaving them in the sun for some time. Lastly, keep fit and reduce your smoking and drinking habits.

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Paper Boat Orange Juice

Fortified with Vitamin D, this delicious drink helps to quench your thirst giving you a nice feeling of contentment. A perfect in-between kuch khaya jaye wala drink, it has no preservatives. How cool is that?

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Dabur Glucose D

This amazing energy drink revitalizes you in no time. Though it is specifically made for children or sportspersons, you can also add this optimized mix to your meal plan. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that are designed to give you your requirement of Vitamin D.

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Paperboat Swing Mixed Fruit Medley Juice

Paper Boat Swing Mixed Fruit Medley is a thick juicy drink, refreshing, sweet, tangy drink. This yummy delight is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also has many health benefits. Not only is it enriched with Vitamin D but also comes under the non-GMO category.

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