How to hide acne scars with makeup

You’ve been following your skincare routine with dedication, and yet, there are times when you’ll find an unwanted guest that gets under your skin, quite literally – acne! If you think acne is bad, you know what’s worse? Acne scars! They’re stubborn and may seem almost impossible to get rid of, but luckily, there is a way to disguise them. And we’re here with our bags of makeup tricks and tips that’ll guide you on how to camouflage those nasty spots, blemishes, and scars. Come on then, let’s shake up with some makeup.

Start afresh

Always begin on a clean, fresh canvas, aka – your skin. That’s why, before applying even the tiniest drop of makeup, clean your skin thoroughly and remove all the accumulated dirt and impurities.

Time to prime

Prep your skin with a primer, before applying makeup. Primers are known to control excess sebum secretion and help reduce breakouts. You can apply it all over your face or to targeted areas, where the acne scars are visible.

Conceal your acne like a pro

As the name suggests, concealers conceal. Apply a generous amount of concealer for sufficient coverage. A clever tip is to draw an ‘X’ over the acne scars and blend well to camouflage them efficiently.

Foundation follow-up for acne scars

To cover your acne scars to the max, opt for a full coverage foundation. To cover spots on the forehead, apply a few dots and spread them with a brush in a circular motion. Since you’re trying to cover the scars, you don’t have to blend much.

Even out your skin tone

To further conceal those zits and spots, dab some loose powder all over your face and neck to even out skin tone and conceal any imperfections.

Set your makeup

Spritz setting spray or setting powder to hold your makeup in place. Spray in an ‘X’ or ‘T’ motion to ensure your makeup lasts as long as the day, without bulging and without revealing your scars.

Play up your eyes

Don’t let acne scars ruin your look. Instead, accentuate your eyes with a smoky look or a dramatic wing. Opt for mascaras, liners and eye-shadows, eyelash curlers, and expertly divert attention from your scars.

Lip tip

Here’s a tip for your lips. A nice nude lip colour or a dazzling bright shade will ensure your lips do the talking. It is a great way to get people to compliment your lips rather than focus on the scars.

Face time

Perk up your complexion with a pop of colour on your cheeks, to give your face a natural glow. Trust us, it’ll be worth the effort and will take away attention from the breakouts.

Super tips for every type of zit or acne

  • WHITEHEADS – Avoid translucent powders as these can make whiteheads look shiny and white. Instead, take your concealer on a fluffy brush, dip it in powder foundation and apply.
  • BLACKHEADS – Apply a liquid or cream foundation and apply in circular motions so you get a thinner layer. Top it off with dusting powder.
  • FLAKY SKIN – Hydrate your skin, and especially the affected area with an oil-free moisturizer. A hydrating mist will also work wonders too. Both of these will help immensely in prepping your skin before your concealer routine.
  • RED BUMPS – Apply a green primer or green foundation directly on the bump to reduce the obnoxious redness. Then, apply a yellow-based concealer on the outside edges and blend well.

Bonus tips for all your acne woes

  • If you are facing a breakout, go for water-based products and not oil-based ones.
  • Always clean your face off makeup when not required, and before you sleep.
  • Avoid glittery products as fine glitter can enter open pores and irritate the skin.
  • Keep your makeup tools clean as not washing them can lead to bacteria and affect your skin adversely.
  • If your acne problem is overwhelming, consult a dermatologist at the earliest.

There you go! A few simple tricks and you can hide those acne scars with ease. And the best part? You don’t have to amass heaps of makeup for a cover-up plan. Just a smidge here and there, and we promise your skin will be as flawless as your day. Go on, girl! Face the day with confidence, because we’ve got you covered.

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