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The Great Indian Bake Fest


Every 15th August, our hearts swell with pride as the nation paints itself with the vibrant colours of India. This is how we remember the sacrifice of our soldiers and once again revel in our Independence. This year let’s take this national devotion a bit further. Let’s bake up a storm as we embrace the beloved Tiranga. To the utter delight of food lovers across India, we have curated a list that will sweeten your celebration.

Liberty cake

Independence Day is celebrated with great gusto and togetherness in every corner of the country. Families and communities come together to honour oneness and unity, making the most of this auspicious holiday. As adults chit-chat, waiting for their special breakfast, kiddies gather up looking for ways to be entertained. So, here’s a fun, kid-friendly activity that’ll keep them engaged while adding flavour to your celebration. Give a new spin to the ribbon cake by baking it tricoloured. With colourful batters ready and at hand, kids can simply swirl them around, making creative patterns. This family-time activity will surely add a bit of fun and cheer.

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Carrot matcha cake

If you’re looking for the healthier option, without dampening the Independence Day spirit, here’s a tricoloured cake that uses natural colours instead of artificial ones. A layer of carrot cake and a layer of match cake, separated by whipped cream frosting will keep alive the patriotic vibe as you toast to the motherland. All you need to do is pick up a HappyChef eggless vanilla cake mix and add to it carrot juice and match powder to give it a unique taste along with the customary colour. To make it even more vibrant and nutrient-rich, add to your basket organic carrots.

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Tricoloured cookie desserts

Another quick snack that’ll make a great addition to your party platter is a tray of freshly baked cookies. You can frost them, ball them, or crumble them to add a touch of Independence Day inspiration. Party favourites are sugar cookie truffles, dipped in coloured white chocolate to create pops of sweet treats. Another favourite is the classic fruit tart—a mix of oranges and kiwis doused in sweetened whipped cream on a base of crumbled cookie, perfect in tartness and freshness. A good replacement here for the traditionally used cookie is the healthier option of eggless oatmeal cookies. To make them a bit more indulgent, use the eggless double chocolate cookie mix.

Frosted brownies

Did we say brownie…Yes, we did! This will surely be a delightful treat. Who doesn’t love the fudgy goodness of chocolate brownies? If you thought they were too time-consuming, think again! You need only pick up a HappyChef eggless brownie mix for a quick and easy fix. You can top them with orange, coconut, and peppermint-flavoured frosting to add that Tiranga twist. And if you’re looking for something to keep the little ones busy, get them to separate orange and green M&Ms, so that they can happily gobble up all the wrong colours. Use the ones that remain as toppings for your frosted brownies.

Classic chocolate cake

Baking a cake always seems like a huge undertaking, but not anymore! With a HappyChef DIY chocolate cake mix, you can now make your all-time-favourite chocolate cake in just a jiffy, giving you time to prep for some interesting toppings. The easy-peasy route is always fruit, but if you want to jazz things up a bit, experiment with different types of frosting. The classic bests are buttercream (a combination of butter and sugar), whipped cream (made with powdered sugar and whipped cream), chocolate ganache (made with melted chocolate and heavy cream; white chocolate, if you want to colour it), or a glaze (made with powdered sugar and liquid). So, frost up your chocolate cake to give it that extra something.

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Lava cake

One of the easiest picks, yet hands-down, a classic crowd favourite, is the oh-so-luscious lava cake. Made easy with another HappyChef DIY eggless chocolate lava cake kit, this decadent dessert is satisfying and delightful. Prop up a tiny flag on top, and you’ve hit the pinnacle of extravagance. Serve it with vanilla, pista, and orange ice cream to create a triumphant tribute.

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On that sweet note, we wish you a Happy Independence Day!

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