Tricolour dishes to prepare on Republic Day

India attained her freedom from the British on August 15, 1947, after fighting a noteworthy battle. Since then this day is celebrated as Independence Day in India. It is also commended as a national holiday to honour the contribution of all the freedom dissidents who fought and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.
Today, we put together a few dishes that embody the spirit of this day and also reflect the patriotism we feel for our motherland. These dishes are prepared to keep in mind the tricolour theme of our national flag. Hence we unleash certain recipe ideas that would imbibe the spirit of nationalism and make our Republic Day celebrations unique.

National Sandwiches

Sandwiches are exceptionally simple to make and for a tricolour sandwich, one can utilize various ingredients to give it the tone of the Indian flag. For the green hue, mint and coriander chutney, and for the orange colour, carrots could be used easily. One can also choose from various ingredients like cheese slices, cheese spread, cottage cheese, mayonnaise, and so forth to get the white colour. Simply take a couple of bread slices and incorporate ingredients of your choice. Since there is no need for an oven or gas to make a sandwich, even children could participate in preparing them enthusiastically.
So as we sing our national anthem, hoist the national flag and indulge ourselves in the tricolour dishes, let us pledge to stay safe and healthy!

Shades of idli

Tiranga idlis are a straightforward simple formula that you can fill in on your breakfast menu on Republic Day. It is a sound and intriguing plan to make these round, soft rice cakes in three tones to symbolize this day. Use grated carrots in the idli to give it a healthy twist. To go along with this dish have two types of chutney: coconut and green coriander.
This is a healthy recipe to make for the children as well as for a family get-together. With no artificial colours needed to be added, this is a wholesome meal, which is healthy and will certainly give a feel of the true celebration of Republic Day. Compliment it best with the spicy, sour true umami sambhar.

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Aazadi ke chawal

Try something new with multi-coloured rice this Independence Day. An exotic adjustment in the menu, basmati rice is necessary for this recipe, as the fragrance of the rice itself will leave everyone craving it. This three-in-one pulao or biryani will make sure that the entire family reaches out to the table even before they are asked to. Orchestrate the distinctive shades of our national flag and serve it with any finger-licking curry. Children will adore this tricolour rice recipe, undoubtedly.

Desi dhokla

Dhokla, this famous Gujarati dish will also get its place on the table on this Republic Day. Wind up to this dhokla by making it in colours of three. Steamed and springy in bite, tempered with mustard seeds and sesame seeds, this deliciously coloured dhokla is extremely simple to make and full of taste that everyone would love to devour.

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It is very much like some other pasta however rather than using normal pasta, three-hued pasta can be used. Without using any pasta sauce while cooking it, the final dish will replicate the tricolour, wholeheartedly. Easy to make, this pasta is very much like any other ordinary pasta.
On this solemn day let us bring in some colour in our dishes. Happy Republic Day.

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