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Extra Light Olive Oil: Mild & Versatile

While olive oil is accepted the world over as the healthiest oil, there are many misconceptions surrounding it. One big myth is that olive oil isn’t meant for cooking and that heating it strips all its nutrients. The second myth on the list of biggies is that olive oil does not complement any other cuisine except Mediterranean cuisine. Hence, if you’re, say, Indian, you do not even consider using it in your food despite knowing its immense benefits. One assumes that it’ll ruin the taste of food and leave behind an aroma one’s not comfortable with. Well, busting all these myths is Extra Light Olive Oil.

The very words ‘Extra Light’ in the name is indicative of its flavour, aroma, and colour. As olive oil is overflowing with good fats, this variant possesses amazing nutritional qualities without being overpowering in taste. If you are looking for a neutral-tasting olive oil, this one is for you! Let’s see how it’s made.


This variety of olive oil is made from the raw pulp of the olive fruit using cold extraction technology and a 100% natural process. The olive oil is refined through heating. It is then put through a series of filters to be refined further. This process is what gives this variant its ‘extra light’ qualities.

Flavour & Aroma:

This olive oil is almost colourless with a super-mild flavour and aroma. Hence, when used, it does not affect or alter the taste of your food. With its bland characteristics, it simply improves the nutritive value of cooked and raw foods.

Smoking point:

It has a high smoking point, especially in comparison with regular or extra-virgin olive oil. Therefore, you can use ELOO for frying too. This makes ELOO a preferred choice when you need an oil that can withstand high temperatures while cooking and baking.

Health Benefits:

Extra light olive oil has a fair amount of phenolic compounds. This is the key reason why it is healthier. These compounds reduce the risk of cancer, cholesterol, and heart diseases. It has MUFA and PUFA which are good fats that help maintain good health. It also contains vitamin E and antioxidants which are good for keeping chronic diseases away and good for reducing inflammation and protecting against blood cholesterol.

The WOW Factor:

Extra Light Olive Oil has tremendous health benefits which help you lead a happier, healthier, and more fruitful life. It is also believed to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. Apart from possessing, anti-bacterial properties, the oleic acid present in olive oil reduces levels of C-Reactive Protein which helps reduce inflammation. It ensures the proper flow of blood to the brain and reduces the risk of stroke. It helps in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis as well.


This variant is used by everyone who wants to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. It can be used for frying, sautéing, roasting, and baking and complements Indian dishes superbly. You can cook your butter chicken or deep fry your pakodas, either way, you’d be using a healthier oil. It is also the perfect ingredient for salad dressings and pasta. Hence, the ultra-refining process makes this oil an all-purpose cooking oil.

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