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Best health supplements for men who workout

Social Media, celebrity looks, and fitness gurus have made bare body and multiple pack abs look desirable and cool. Men have started hitting the gym not just to burn calories but to build muscles. Whatever the motive behind being a gym rat, one needs to understand that the body needs enough nutrients to sustain the workouts. While working out the body loses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. These are not just the building blocks of our body but also the fuel that burns to give energy. Before a workout, these building blocks need to be optimum and post-workout they need to be replenished. The body can get and store required nutrients if a person is doing a mild to moderate workout. But if a person is training for building endurance, developing muscles, and other heavy training workouts, the person requires supplements. 

Supplements can be taken pre-workout and post-workout depending on the requirement. 

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-work supplements are necessary to sustain the heavy and long-duration workout sessions. They provide the required energy and help in building stamina to endure the long-hour sessions. They are generally taken about 30-60 minutes prior to hitting the gym. 


Caffeine is an essential pre-workout supplement. It helps in stimulating alertness and vigilance. It helps in releasing endorphins or the body’s natural painkillers. Caffeine can be found in aerated energy drinks, coffee, or energy immunity tablets. These caffeinated drinks or tablets help in maintaining agility and keeping up the energy. 


Beta-Alanine is an amino acid that is produced in the body. But sportsmen and heavy workout trainees need to take a supplement of the same to enhance their performance. The component regulates the acid build-up in muscles and aids in endurance. This helps the person to work out for a longer duration without getting fatigued. 


Creatine is recommended for high-performance workout men. It helps in building muscle mass and aids in muscle recovery post-workout. Creatine if had before a workout increases strength to perform and energizes the performer. Some supplements can be picked up from bigbasket. They replenish the lost amino acids.


Citrulline helps in regulating blood flow in tissues by dilating the blood vessels. It eliminates lactic acid and ensures glucose is converted into energy. It also aids in building immunity.


Apart from the above supplements, one has to take BCAA (branch chain amino acids) rich food like dairy and animal products and supplements.

One should also have nitrate-rich vegetables like spinach and beetroot. 

Post-workout Supplements

After every workout, the body needs to heal and repair the wear and tear. The body also needs to regain the lost nutrients. Food and supplements are vital post-workout. 


Proteins are called the cells’ building blocks. They reduce the tear of tissue and damage to muscles. It is advised to take proteins, especially, post-workout to reduce muscle cramps and soreness. One can have them as whey protein, any plant-based protein, or hemp protein powder. Whey protein is perfect for men with lactose intolerance. Vegetarians can opt for plant-based protein powder. One can even try hemp protein powder for bringing back the energy levels. They come in multiple flavours too.  

One can also have the supplements in the form of bars. These bars are packed with nuts and sugar-free too. 

Protein supplements can also be in the form of biscuits.       

Chocolate shakes

These nutritional shakes are sugar-free and recharges the body with the lost nutrient and energy. These shakes are fortified with almonds which are vital for the repair and growth of cells.


During a workout, the body loses water and essential salts in the form of sweat. One has to bring it back to the body to regain energy. These electrolytes can be had in the form of energy drinks or tablets. They also come in a variety of flavours.


Post-heavy-duty workouts, the body needs to have enough water, carbohydrates, and vitamins. One can opt for carbohydrate powders and multivitamins after consulting a physician or dietician.

Final Words

Workout burns out fat and builds endurance and stamina. If a person is an athlete or into weightlifting then he should take special care. Building muscles, healing and repairing of wear and tear, and above all having the least amount of injuries should be a priority. Supplements, after consultation with dieticians or physicians, aid in all these.

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