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Know your apple varieties and their benefits

We all know that apples are a healthy addition to any meal. You can eat them as-is or use them in recipes like apple pie or apple crisp. But with so many varieties to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

From sweet and delicate, to crunchy and floral varieties, apples range in flavour and texture. And though we’re used to stuffing our lunchbox with Galas, and grabbing Granny Smith for pies, crisps, and baked goods–there are so many types of apples to try. For those of us who are uninitiated, let’s check out a chosen few.

Red Delicious / Washington

Of course, we are not referring to Washington State but the deliciousness of its apples. The state grows and exports various types of these apples called Red Delicious, which is named after its parent variety. A conical-oblong-shaped apple with a mild flavour, slightly sweet and juicy, firm skin colour is dark red and firm. It grows throughout the year and is rich in nutrients.

Red Delicious is meant to be eaten as it is as a ‘table-top apple’. Though not recommended for baking, you can make a yummy apple crumble with it. You can also try apple chutney or add them to salad to make it nutrient-rich.

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Royal Gala

Royal Gala apples are a biological variant of Gala apples. These apples originated in New Zealand in the early 40s. It is a cross between Golden Delicious and the variants of Kidd’s Orange Red. The prefix Royal was earned when Queen Elizabeth II enjoyed these apples. It was in her honour that the apple was rechristened, Royal Gala.

Royal Gala apples are large and stout in size. They are recognizable for their orange skin which changes into yellow right at the top. The skin also has red sprinkles-like designs on it. Both the peel and flesh of apple are firm, and crisp and can be enjoyed for their sweet succulent flesh. Their honey floral note lends itself to making desserts, juices or delicious and healthy snacks. Make a delicious apple pie or cake or apple muffin. You can store these variants for up to 6 months in the fridge.

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Grown mainly in the apple country of Himachal, Shimla and Kinnaur, these variants take their name from the place of their origin. There are many varieties in this segment ranging in size and shape. While the skin can be glossy and smooth these apples come in different shades of red, orange, green and yellow. A good source of vitamin C, flavonoids and other antioxidants, they also contain dietary fibre. They are succulent, red apples with robust skin. The flesh is firm and crisp and the flavour ranges from sweet to tart. They have a mild aroma and therefore can easily be used in salads, chaats, apple crumble/pies and so on. Shimla apples are popular world across. They can be stored in a cool dark place for a month or so.

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Rockit Apples is a unique variant which is a crossbreed between a Gala apple and a Gala Splendor cultivar apple. They are cute miniature apples and delicious to taste. The perfectly healthy Rockit apple remains fresh for longer compared to other traditional apples. Rockit apples are botanically classified as Malus domestica. They are nutritious and thus make a healthy snack for kids and an energy power giver for fitness fanatics. Why go far when you can get your Rockit apple at rocket speed at your doorstep. Click here for the apples:

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Granny Smith

If you want to be on a healthy diet, try eating Granny Smith apples. They’re the favourite of those who watch their weight. Though all apples all healthy and good for you, Granny Smith is the forerunner as the level of sugar is low. It is high in fibre, packed with mineral, and phytonutrients and are known to improve gut bacteria. When overripe the apple can turn from green to yellow to benefit your health tremendously.

The variant of apple is firm with light green skin. The flesh is crisp and tart. So if you are a fan of sweets this may not be the variety for you.

It remains firm when baked and is therefore popular in cooking soups, pies and other desserts. Its tart flavour lends itself to going well with sharp cheeses, salads, potatoes, spinach and other fruits. Granny Smith apples can remain fresh for up to 4 or more when stored properly. Granny Smith apples are available all year round.

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